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The Jewish new year just ended. On the Jewish/Hebrew calendar scale the year is 5770. The Gregorian calendar that is the universal standard for the US and business all over the world has the year at 2009. There are other calendars out there too that I am not familiar with that have the date as something else still. I find this concept interesting. Think back to the turn of the century when such a big deal was made about the year 2000. It did feel like a big change, as though something special would happen. Then again, if you think about it from a logical standpoint, it is just an arbitrary number, as are most calendars. It all depends on when you start counting. Most calendars "began" counting based on some religious event. So many years later, we forget to an extent that the beginning dates of these calendar systems is so arbitrary. Still, they have lots of meaning for us both actual and symbolic.

Overall I like Bathys a lot. There are lots of little touches and character in the watch that make it more interesting that you average Tag Heuer diver watch for example. The Bathys Benthic Ti watches retail for 5 with the automatic models (with steel cases going for more). If you want to learn more or get one, you can do so directly at Bathys Hawaii's website here.

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He has a black dialed Ernst Benz ChronoFlite Word Timer watch on the steel bracelet. Ernst Benz watches on a metal bracelet are the most rare it seems. The ChronoFlite World Timer is 47mm wide in steel and has a Swiss automatic mechanical GMT movement - likely an ETA 2893-2. The watch also comes with a white dial and a legion of leather strap options. I think it looks pretty handsome with the bracelet. Plus, Tony likes it that way.

The bezel is easily one of the best styled parts of the watch, certainly good looking. Twisting it is a bit hard, and the action could be a tad bit smoother, but it does not have any "give" and will not rattle around like cheap bezels will. The numbers and markers are actually engraved into the bezel, and the finish on the top of the bezel is an awesome almost gunmetal dark gray. The crystal is virtually flush with the case and the anti-reflective coating makes it really easy to read at angles.

So going back to the F.P. Journe and Jaquet Droz situation. In 2004 FP. Journe apparently accused Jaquet Droz of copying the looks of its Octa Automatic watch - that has a small frame secured with three screws over the smaller hours and minutes, with a second subdial in the middle of the watch dial. It is really the three screws and their "figure 8" layout which FP. Journe was accusing Jaquet Droz of copying. Everything I have read about this situation was translated from French, so I am doing my best to understand it all. Based on the language, it appears at though the issue was based around copyright - but it could have trademark infringement elements in it. This is because the FP Journe Octa watch featured this design, and they could have made the argument that there is a consumer association between the design and the brand. Trademark protection is all about product or service origination association, and (real or likely) consumer confusion.

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And on to the watch, this swell looking Paul Picot Technograph Wild 44mm. Why "Wild?" Why not?! I has to do with the materials that these watches in this specific collection from the Technograph watches have on them. All natural items. Here it is snake skin. Used for the strap, as well as the dial - now that is something I've not yet seen before. You MUST wear boots with watches like this (at least most of the time). In fact, I will lead you to a previous article that I wrote about snake skin watches here when talking about the Yonger & Bresson watches. Every time I look at the images of that article it cracks me up. Maybe you share my humor? At least I can make myself laugh.

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This was another handsome and classic style watch with some cool functions thanks to a unique TX quartz movement. This is part of TX's 400 series and is the Perpetual Weekly Calendar ref. T3C301. This has the same bracelet as the World Time watch above that I said was well done. Here you can just get a better look at it. So this watch does something pretty cool. The little orange hand does two things. It points to the day of the week and the date - at the same time. It is able to do this because the lower date disc actually follows the hand as it moves across the retrograde day of the week indicator. If you push the pusher at 2 o'clock the orange hand moves around the dial to point to the correct month. If you look closely you can see the months spelled out around the dial. The sloped chapter right has class looking hour markers which are covered in SuperLumiNova. The dial is textured nicely for a classic look. You can see that the hands are in a rose gold tone as well as the bezel and crown. The rest of the watch is in polished or brushed steel. Being 44mm wide this is a not to small conservative watch with cool tech that will appeal to many people I think. A great give for a more mature guy who isn't into "wild" watches and does not want to spend too much. This TX Perpetual Weekly Calendar watch retails at 5. This was really a particularly nice watch.

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I write this as I am here in Japan spending time with Seiko (though I will post it after my return to the States). So much to talk about, I don't even know where to begin. Well this article is about the Seiko Izul. A watch that I learned about today that I should have heard about a long time ago. This is a damn cool watch. So I was at Seiko's headquarters today and one of the people we met was the nice gentleman who designed the dial of the Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk, a watch many of you are deeply desiring. The good news is that the Spacewalk will be released as a 100 piece limited edition set. The bad news is that it will be ,000. I digress. Everyone at Seiko was wearing an awesome Seiko watch that I'd not seen before, and he was wearing something that I'd never even seen images of. It had the style of the Spacewalk, but a totally different dial look and case. From a distance I could tell that it was derivative of the Spring Drive Spacewalk, but I thought maybe it was some special watch that the designer of the Spacewalk had. I was eager to check it out.

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Prometheus Ocean Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews Arriving with the watch are two silicone straps. There is a black and bright red strap available for you. Changing the straps isn't particularly easy - so you'll probably prefer to stick with one or the other. The watch uses screw bars than need special tools to adjust (along with loosening the Loctite glue). If you know what you are doing. feel free to change the straps. I like the look and feel of the straps, but they are a bit of a double edged sword. The design is great, and the minor texturing on the strap is a welcome addition to the silicone. The tropical style straps were designed specially for the Ocean Diver watch. They are also very comfortable. The elastic material bend and moves easily, while creating a fair amount of traction on your wrist so the watch doesn't slip around. There is also a nice brushed steel "PWC" (Prometheus Watch Company) signed  buckle (sort of a joke and homage to how IWC signs their strap buckles I think).  However, the silicone material attracts a lot of dust, making, at least the black strap, look like a dark gray. The red strap suffers from this issue less. Actually the straps look better when they are wet! Another issue (at least for me) with the straps is that they are very long. The watch fits nicely on my ankle actually. On the plus side is that the Ocean Diver watch will easily accommodate most any 22mm wide watch strap. So go wild with what you think looks great on the watch.

Ariel makes predictions for watch sizes and colors in 2010.  White watches.  ETA movement scarcity to come.  Orbita Sparta Mini-Watch Winder giveaway.  See all the watch winders we write about here.

Good luck, and thanks to Phosphor Watches, the sponsor of the Digital Hour Clock watch giveaway here at!

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Mr. Jones Watches “The Accurate” Is Reminder Of Your Impending Demise

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Jorg Gray is the company that makes the JG6500 watch. You might know it as the President Obama watch, because it is the watch that he wears most of the time. This little fact has catapulted an otherwise small watch company into a phenomenon. So I am going to share with you other watches that they make over the nest few weeks. One thing that Jorg Gray specializes in is making good quality watches based on popular designs, but at much lower costs. This is needed in the market for at least one important reason. I often find myself discovering new watches and really liking them for being unique of eye catching. When I learn the price I am discouraged because I can't afford them, or won't spend that type of money on a watch that I know I would not wear daily. So when Jorg Gray discovers this fact, they go about creating their own version that is similar, and affordable. So now I get to have that cool design I see myself wearing when I feel the need, but I don't have to digest the thought of a big investment.

I really wish I could read French right now. It seems that even though I am an attorney I don't quite understand this case. First is the language barrier, and second is the legal barrier.  UPDATE: I've learned that the translated text was so confusing that I got the facts (not the law) of this case wrong. To please see the updated version as follows...

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Nice timepiece and something pretty different from Tutima right? I got to check out this watch direct from Tutima who was nice enough to show it to me while I was at JCK in Las Vegas. This is one of Tutima's new timepieces that was released at Basel and represents a bold look maintaining a very high level of functionality. Tutima is located in Glashutte Germany right around a few other famous German watch brands. What I really like about the watches is that you can see a Tutima watch from the 1920s and you can recognize it as being from the same brand as Tutima watches of today. They have done an excellent job of keeping the character and heritage of the brand intact. Two major parts of that are the signature coined bezel (not on all their watches though), and the classic looking hands.

Screw up on the presentation of an iPhone app and you've damaged the brand - maybe for good. If the application isn't really nice, then ditch the entire project. No app is better than a crappy app. No brand can afford that type of negative perception. The value of a good application is on various levels. A well executed system will pay-off by having a positive association by the user with the brand. Everything goes back to the watches. If the company can make a good iPhone app, the perception is that they can make a good watch as well. It is really that simple.

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Project X and its partners keep up the intellectual and engineering battle of overcoming Rolex's latest challenge. The two companies that aren't connected still seem to need each other, and in the end actually effectuate that each is better in the long run. Project X help Rolex maintain that their watches are harder and harder to replicate (as Rolex keeps making their basic parts harder to make), while Rolex keeps up a challenge for Project X as it continues to modify Rolex watches giving us its wonderful modified creations. This challenge for Project X may make its work hard, but maintains that fewer and fewer competitors can offer what they can given the skill and know-how required.

The Swatch Automatic Chrono models comes with metal, rubber, or leather straps. The Silver Class model has a metal bracelet that is comfy to wear and looks pretty nice. It has a certain relaxed charm to it. Swatch is able to apply a brushed and polished finish to the large links giving them a more dynamic look. I further had a very easy time sizing the bracelet that uses torsion pins. The deployment clasp has micro adjusts as well for precise fitting - something I more or less expect to be in bracelets, but get pissed when they are not.

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- Valgranges A07.111 - Hour, minute, second and date.
- Valgranges A07.161 - Hour, minute, second, date and power reserve.
- Valgranges A07.171 - Hour, minute, second, date and 24 hour hand with second time mechanism.
- Valgranges A07.211 - Hour, minute, second, date and chronograph.

It is no surprise to any of you that I am a big fan of LUM-TEC watches. A company here in the US with designs and models that just keep getting better. Really dedicated to constant refinement of their line, and continually offering a slew of limited edition models that have a special ability to make our eyes widen with desire. Here are a few shots of the soon to be released Lumzilla line. A big watch with an automatic movement and a lot of personality.

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