Buying Watches In Denver, Colorado: Oster Jewelers

Buying Watches In Denver, Colorado: Oster Jewelers

Although I have little memory of this, I’m sure that planted the seeds of the importance of timekeeping!

Piaget Altiplano Chronograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On Piaget Altiplano Chronograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On

His Transmissione Meccanica Chronograph, truly inspired me to make an inspirational cufflink honoring it's design. Why? I saw the artistic passion that Mr. Mazzuoli put into making the watch, from the twenty two piece dial, to the beautiful bespoke irregularity of all of the hand made and finished, cases components. It is really a functioning sculpture. We also make beautiful, handmade, intentionally imperfect items, that hopefully convey our passion to our clients. We are thrilled with the cufflink, and believe it really captures the essence of the watch, and the passion for art and design Mr. Mazzuoli and I share.

Both brands debut the technology with one new model each, with Frédérique Constant offering the Horological Smartwatch Reference FC-285V5B4 in a 42 millimeter wide, rose gold plated stainless steel case. Inside the watch is the FC-285 quartz caliber that allows all functions to be adjusted via the crown and which handles all functions MotionX delivers: the watch will be always on time, will have MotionX activity and sleep tracking, will provide sleep cycle and get-active alarms as well as adaptive coaching, plus you get MotionX cloud backup and restore of your data, probably for the time when you switch phones or watches. It is, nonetheless, fascinating to think that all this happens under a highly legible silver dial that sports hand-applied indices and hand-polished, rose-gold plated hands.

One of the most interesting brands in the past two or so years is SevenFriday. Seeming to come out of nowhere, SevenFriday is now wildly popular and has established for itself a pretty large fan base. The reason for their success can be attributed to clever marketing and an interesting design. For the price range that it operates in, you would be hard pressed to find another watch that is as visually exciting and fresh as a SevenFriday. And between the M1-1 and M2-1 from their new M-Series, I prefer the latter for its contrasting colors.

Citizen Signature Grand Classic 9184 Watch Hands-On Hands-On