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The images you see here were taken mostly at Baselworld 2009 and show how three master watch makers who collaborated for the Maitres du Temps Chapter Two watch actually "collaborate." Daniel Roth, Roger Dubuis, and Peter Speake-Marin are all part of the resulting Chapter Two watch for example. The first image show them with Maitres du Temps founder Steven Holtzman together. The little watch on the table there, that is the Chapter Two (most likely). Not exactly the best lighting or focus for the watch - but you get the idea.

Watches like this make a great argument for why you need to have more than one watch. How could a singular timepiece style match how you feel all the time? Unless that is, you just don't pay any attention to what you are wearing on your wrist. This Oris Chronoris watch is a perfect example of this fact. If I had one of these watches I would certainly find days when I couldn't look at it, and other days when all I would want is to wear it. How is that possible?

A major area of interest for me in any diving watch is the bezel. Not only am I a huge fan of rotating diver bezels, but I often use them to evaluate the overall quality of a watch. DWATCH gives its timepieces one of the nicest looking diver bezels I've had the pleasure of having - especially at a watch at this price. The side of the bezel has a similar grated texture that makes it easy to grip.  Turning the bezel is on the harder side, but that is better than it being too easy to turn. You get 120 solid feeling clicks before you've made a full rotation. The bezel piece is all steel with no numeral insert (as many dive watches will use an aluminum insert for the numbers). DWATCH takes a more expensive approach and physically cuts out the minute markers in relief on the bezel surface. You can then get different finishes for the bezel (all steel tone, all PVD black, or PVD black on the inside like I chose). Not only does this look nice, but it communicates a lot about the durability and professional nature of the timepiece. At the 12 o'clock point of the bezel, there is a large applied lume dot.

Maybe you agree with me, have no idea what I am talking about, or just don't see it. Regardless you have to enjoy the bright friendly colors used and the different application of luxury in these women's watches. Though at 42mm wide, a daring man could sport any of the Bestiary Ronde Seconde Folle collection watches withouth it looking petite on his wrist. There will be the girly colors to deal with though. With cases made of 18k gray gold, and use of a universe of precious stones including many diamonds, there are serious luxury jewelry watches. Still, there is such a tender and simple tone that is easy to appreciate about the watches.

Court Orders F.P. Journe To Pay Jaquet Droz Legal Costs In Lost Case Over Intellectual Property Rights Watch Industry News

A watch like this is of the few examples I can think of where I really don't need to explain too much of the movement's intricacies. For one thing, I am not familiar with each exotic method or material used to construct the movement, and second, the view of the movement itself tells you so much. Though I will give you the basics. The watch movement is automatically wound and features a beryllium triple-cam. This almost no lubrication needing compound made cam (look for the gold colored round object in the movement) is the mechanism that helps the linear time retrograde cylinders jump back to their starting position.  There is also a toothed arm that is apparently called a "rack" that is done in a skeletonized honeycomb pattern motif and is visible through the side of the case.  Honeycomb patterns are all over the watch movement.

All-black is the new black. Bell & Ross was a pioneer in this respect, and helped make the low-contrast style as popular as it is today.

Hautlence HL-Q Watch + Videos Watch Releases

For a moment I can imagine that my entire watch collection is made up of these beautiful artistic timepieces. Each day I could choose to wear a different animal. People seeing my watches would always be curious about the "guy with the parrot or cockatoo watch." Would they be a match to my personality, or just part of an eccentric character. I don't know the result, but it would be fun to find out.

One major mystery at play here, though, is which gender this was intended for... It was suggested to me that this is a man's watch. And I'll agree, the black leather band is quite masculine...

Functions! Functions! Functions! This is the newer line of Citizen Eco-Drive Chrono Time AT watches. Pictured are two of the models with the all steel version up top, and the limited edition gold-plated version below. Though other models are available.  Breitling proved to the world that men like busy dials. With the advent of the Breitling slide-rule rotating dial, very world of busy pilot watches was born. I have yet to meet people who actually use the slide rule bezel, but they do succeed in making the wearer look more important. This isn't the first Citizen watch with a slide rule, but it may be of the nicest. One thing different about this Citizen Chrono Time At watch compared to a Breitling, is that the Citizen has many more functions.

Inside the watch is the Tag Heuer Caliber 11 automatic movement that is an ETA automatic with a Dubois-Depraz chronograph module on top of it. You can see the movement lightly decorated through the sapphire caseback of the watch. Placing the crown on the left side of the case work because the automatic winding of the watch makes it so that you don't have to wind the watch. Attached to the watch will be a matching perforated alligator strap. They look quite cool with the dial.

Bell & Ross added a new complication to the BR-01 series with the BR-01 93. The BR-01 93 GMT adds the a second timezone function that is displayed with a second hour hand on a 24 hour graduated bezel. This automatic-winding timepiece is geared towards travelers. By setting the 24 hour clock to Greenwich Meantime, the local time can be calculated and set quickly and simply. The separate hour hands can also be used to display two preset times. The bold, clean BR-01 design lends itself well to the legibility of both times.

Tutima Grand Classic Chronograph Watch Watch Releases

Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk Commemorative Edition Watch Announced Watch Releases

There are several versions of the Technograph Wild watch, even in python skin. This is the gray version, or otherwise known as that Ref. P0334-2Q.SG.L3201. The watch has an interesting automatic chronograph movement. It can measure up to 30 minutes, and uses the right subdial for the chronograph minutes. Although the dials are partially covered, the dial uses a double sided hand, that is longer on one side. That way the same half of the subdial can be used for two purposes based on the length of the hand following it. Get it? This is the same for the time seconds subdial on the left side. The watch face is in the center of the dial, and smaller. The chronograph seconds hand is the largest hand on the face, and uses the whole dial. The watch also has a date complication. Overall a very attractive design if you ask me.

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LUM-TEC Lumzilla Watches Are Coming

LUM-TEC Lumzilla Watches Are Coming

TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar Ref. T3C301 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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My Bathys 100 Fathoms Quartz Watch Review on AskMen.com

My Bathys 100 Fathoms Quartz Watch Review on AskMen.com

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The iPhone app is not just an electronic catalog. Look at the most popular iPhone apps that people download. Guess what, they are either fun or useful... or both. You want something that people are going to use frequently, not just once. Nothing is worse for a brand than having a person enthusiastically download an application only to realize it is boring or pointless. So the message here is; think about what it will do, and it has to do something. Either this functionality is highly complex (which will require all sorts of systems aside from the application itself, or basic (a fun little tool that will take the power of a brand and imbue it into the user's phone). Complex functionality will require serious development. It should involve functions such as real-time inventory tracking (allowing a user to discover what models a nearby store has), checking out how functions work (virtual watches), or involve certain social networking functions (such as group voting on watch designs or wish lists that are accessible to the community.

"Fukang Watch!" This Chinese watch maker contacted me recently to tell me about their company and status as OEM and promotional watch makers. I have a feeling they do most of their business in China. You have here a watch company that is no where near being ready to enter the Western market. While their intentions are good, my reaction to their website and marketing is nothing short of hilarity. Starting with the name, we can tell that although their website (www.szfukang.com) has an English section, no one who actually speaks English spent any time on it. Again... "Fukang" Watch. Mother "Fukang" Watch. Sad and hilarious, but true. So our Fukang friends do everything from blatant design copies, to hideous Chinese military inspired watch creations, to stuff that isn't all that offensive on the eyes actually. Explore their site a bit and you can find a lot of stuff. If you wanted to order anything, you'll need to contact them for a quote. They prefer wholesale. I recommend getting 50 or so of the "military" watches so that you can hand them out as a novelty/gag gift to your friends. A nice touch is the Breitling inspired compass on the bracelet, in Chinese. Urban camouflage on the face of a watch not only hides your timepiece in the concrete jungle, but also hinders your ability to find out what time it is!

This is the ugliest watch case I think I have personally ever seen. What is so ironic is that the watch movement and dial itself are just fine, and totally mismatched with the watch case. This timepiece gets a "Fraggle Rock's Finest Award" for most cartoon rock formation style watch ever. What was Andre Checa thinking when he designed this watch? He was likely watching episodes of old Jim Henson Muppet television shows or movies. I get the watch, I just don't like it. This is another "home run" design from the radical French artist.You might remember the first quizzical creation of his that I discussed here (that he made as a piece unique for Romain Jerome).

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Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Inside the watch is the same automatic Japanese Miyota workhorse movement that the initial Moana Pacific had. It has proven to be reliable and hardy. As well as cost effective.

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Left dial: Retrograde Date and Moon Phase
Right Dial: Jumping Hours and Concentric Retrograde Minutes