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On the base of the Dottling Gyrowinder are legs which can be adjusted to keep the unit level. Dottling prides itself on all the adjustments and display options available in the Gyrowinder. You might spend more time playing with it than the watch it was meant to house. As a winding device, the Gyrowinder will probably work very well, despite the fact that it is rather overkill given the task.

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With over 88 different specifications, it is clear that Eterna has put lot of development into the Calibre 39 and, with ETA majorly cutting back the availability of their movements, we may eventually see the Eterna 39 in a lot of watches. The Calibre 39 will be available in chronometer spec, boasts a 68 hour power reserve, and will feature Eterna's Spherodrive system which minimizes gear train friction by using ball bearings to ease the movement of the barrel. The Spherodrive system not only minimizes friction and wear, but it is lubrication free, more efficient and allows for a greater power reserve (thanks to a thinner mainspring).  Above, you can see the base Calibre 39 with a column wheel chronograph module illustrated above it, showing how the movement can be expanded to suit specific needs. In our opinion, the most important use of the Calibre 39 will be to act as an alternative to Valjoux 7750 chronograph movements as it is designed to fit in the same way as the 7750 in watches.

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This review is about the Sinn U1 which is an affordable yet solidly made (even over-engineered) diving watch with all the necessary features and function needed in a dive watch.  This review is based on my experience using the Sinn U1 during four dives (Honolulu and Key Largo) as I got my PADI certification, it performed perfectly, not that I expected anything else.

Rolex trickles out new watches each year with major innovations being released with relative rarity. Part of 2013 is about extending the Rolex GMT Master II watch by adding a new two-tone bezel (Ref. 116710BLNR) in the spirit of the famous Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi dial watches. The half-red and half-blue bezels of the past were used as day/night indicators for the GMT scale bezel. The look became iconic. aBlogtoWatch debuted the Rolex GMT Master II Day/Night watch to the world here recently (where you can find additional information).

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If someone were to ask you what time it was and the analog dial above represented the picture on your watch, what would say? You could say it is just after noon, or half past 12. You might say that it is 12:30, or 'about' 12:30. Or you might not say anything at all and just show them your watch face for them to read in their own way. It fascinates me how reading the time comes in so many flavors. Most of them based on how we subjectively see the time.

The dual-layer dial has a nice wave patterning that matches the case back as well as cool hollow-trapezoid hour markers. Following the current trend, the hour and minute hand are partially skeletonized, which I dislike.

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Ulysse Nardin Freak Cruiser Watch Hands-On

Corum is only producing a limited number of the modern Chargé d'Affaires alarm watches and only in precious metal cases. There will be two versions - both of which again will be in 38mm wide cases. Corum will produce 200 pieces total with 150 pieces being offered in 18k gold on a black alligator strap, and 50 pieces in 18k white gold. Price is right around ,000.

Urwerk Encourages Obsessive Accuracy Tinkering With EMC Watch Movement

Urwerk Encourages Obsessive Accuracy Tinkering With EMC Watch Movement

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While the dial is less than original, JS Watch renders it smoothly. For instance, symmetry is approved in their placement of the date window at 6 o'clock, and the red 12 o'clock indicator is a nod to popular turn-of-the-20th-century field watches. The hands are "pomme" or Breguet style and while thin, are appropriately sized.

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Now, however, we have pictures and a video of the rest of the Planet Ocean GMT lineup. Predictably, the new Planet Ocean GMT watches are handsome looking pieces and are built to very high specifications - water resistant to 600m and ceramic bezels with lacquered painted numerals for all models, except the one with the orange bezel, which is aluminum. As Ariel rightly puts it, these new watches are not a revolutionary addition, but as the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Nice, long, well-proportioned hands make for excellent legibility. Especially with a dial this wide, you'll read this at a glance.

The thermo-compensated quartz movement in Satellite Precision watches is accurate to about 10 seconds a year without any external intervention. I don't have enough time to discuss the nature of thermo-compensated movements in this article - but they make adjustments for variations in temperature that can effect the timing results of quartz movements. These Morgenwerk, and a few other high-end watches from brands such as Breitling, have them inside. Step two for accuracy in the SP collection is satellite synchronization. This feature allows the watches to receive signals from GPS satellites to not only remain accurate, but to update the watch with the timezone that you are currently in - no matter which one of the 39 global timezones you may find yourself. The system looks for data from up to six satellites at a time and then chooses three with the strongest signals to sync with. It takes about 8-90 seconds to sync. Between the thermo-compensated base movement and the satellite synchronization, the timepieces are no less than (plus/minus) accurate to three seconds a month. But it doesn't stop there.

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Before getting all ga-ga over the Type 3, I recommend you check out the original Ressence watch (hands-on) here. You'll see a few things which are the same, and a few which are different. Ressence pretty much hates depth in a dial. For Benoit, life is most beautiful in some flat reality where all things are "level." For the Type 3 he takes this concept even further to not only make his watches look like they have animated hands, but to also make the dial almost meld in with the sapphire crystal, which also more or less doubles as the case.

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Limited to just 75 pieces in each color, the SpidoLite II Titanium Black Gold is available now via Linde Werdelin's website with a list price of ,200 USD. The Blue version will set you back ,600, while the Red is slightly more at ,900.

ABTW: Was there ever a time in your life when you could afford it?

One problem encountered during testing was female response to wearing a watch during intercourse, let alone looking at it after sex. However, making the watch comfortable for both parties proved less difficult than making it romantic. The ultra-light case of the Thrustograph is made from high-end materials and is 100% hypoallergenic. Like the Nadal watch, Richard Mille wants the Thrustograph to barely feel as though it is there. "We don't want it to feel like a third wheel in the bedroom." It is also carefully designed to have smooth edges and nothing that will catch on hair. Plus, "no cold metal here" says Mille. Even at room temperature, the timepiece does not feel chilly to the touch. "We like to think of it as an extension of one's self."

The case size is 43mm, which on my 6 ½ inch wrist, looks big without looking silly. The case is buttery soft due to the hand polishing and doesn’t get snagged under shirt cuffs. It uses an ETA Valjoux 7750 movement that beats at a rapid 28,800 vibrations/hr. The movement has been around since the mid-1970s and has a solid track record, although I understand its supply is being reduced by ETA. Frederique Constant has modified the movement by substituting an in-house made rotor that further incorporates the spirit of the the Peking To Paris event. The copper rotor is etched and painted with the event logo, and is limited to 1888 pieces (1988 was the year Frederique Constant was founded).