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One of my favorite parts of this watch is the strap. The Cartier "toile de voile" strap is made of a thick black nylon with a leather doubling interior. While the complete watch stands at just under 140 grams, Cartier's choice of a nylon strap results in a very comfortable and easy to wear timepiece.

Maurice Lacroix offers four versions of the Pontos S diver right off the bat. The highest-end version is the red-accented model which features a different movement. Why make one of the four models with a totally different movement? No idea. It is one of those mysteries that simply makes things interesting. Even Maurice Lacroix's US distributor isn't sure why that is. It is further possible that the red version will be limited in production.

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I've always liked German Nivrel's dive watches. The newest one is the Deep Ocean GMT; a mechanical GMT watch with a elegantly purposeful design. The steel case is 43mm wide with a rotating 24 hour bezel and black dial with easy to read hour markers and hands coated in SuperLumiNova. It isn't too thick at 13mm either. The case has a sapphire crystal and is water resistant to an impressive 500 meters.

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Listen to the HourTime Show watch podcast episode 115 here.

Strap and buckle: Brown calf leather strap. Titanium and white gold (palladium 150 alloy) folding buckle.

The way it works is rather simple. You press the "on" button and some lights go on. First you read the hours to the left and then see whether it is AM or PM. You then look to the right and first look at the top numbers for the minute. You read the 10 minute markers first and then to-the-minute accuracy is determined by reading the lower list of numerals 01-09. Press the button again and you'll get the date. It is possible that you'll need to push the button more than once to read the time if you aren't that quick.

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Listen to the HourTime Show Watch Podcast episode 110 here.

Ironically he is describing exactly what is, though this site was not started with the intent of influencing people through reviews. The message in Mirza's quote is that traditional marketing is no longer as effective as perceived peer-to-peer advice and experiences which we seek out or naturally acquire through the Internet's various 'social suggestion engines.' What he is outlining is his own play to use bloggers and social media to promote and create buzz around his new 1:Face product.

Large titanium pushers offer the ability to easily operate the various functions that include alarm, perpetual calendar, chronograph, timer, and second time zone. The dial depsite the LCD screens is very legible and modern with a classic tint. The Spacemaster dial has SuperLumiNova all over it for night viewing as well.

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With the technology era in full stride, many people, children in specific, do not share the same view as I do, and would rather read the time from a digital watch or phone than an intricately engineered piece of machinery. I realize; however, that the watch has a multitude of different meanings, and although many are switching from a watch to a phone to tell time does not at all belittle the watch. In my opinion, I believe that there will always be a group, me included, who would rather read the time from a timepiece than from a phone. The future of the watch companies is rather bleak because of the fact that the world is in a rush. People do not have time to stop and read a watch, and, for this reason, the watch indeed has a dismal future. Although I have seen many different definitions, many interpretations of the watch, there will always be one that I will go by. A watch represents the need for the world to slow down and realize that even though a person is wearing a watch, time is not always the most important thing.

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Bavarian Crono Focke-Wulf FW 200 Watch

As a non formal watch, for me the SpidoSpeed ticks all the right boxes. Very comfortable in size and weight, a great design and enough practicality to justify having one!

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on April 30th, 2012 for the winner to be chosen at random.

It was developed and assembled with the help of Eric Coudray (who is now at Cabestan). He still receives top honors in the watch world for building the Gyrotourbillon. There was the Gyrotourbillon I followed by the Gyrotourbillon II about five years later. Both have similar roots but are totally different watches. The Gyrotourbillon I was in a more traditional 43.5mm wide round case done in platinum. It is actually the more technically complex of the two in terms of functions. The watch has the time, perpetual calendar (with a unique way of displaying the calendar information), a power reserve indicator, and the equation of time as displayed via a sidereal hand on the time dial. There was an interesting mixture between skeletonization and sparsity of the dial. This was the first time people were able to see such a tourbillon and it was thrilling.

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Reflex LED Watch Review

Reflex LED Watch Review

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More than many watches, the Executive Dial Time watch received a fair number of compliments while on my wrist. I guess it does have a nice "executive" look to it. The strap is available in both textured rubber and alligator. The double-fold over push-button deployant is made from smooth polished metal in a style I've never seen before. Even that element has a lot of attention put into it. Overall, it is the many small details that make this a good watch. I glowingly praise it to anyone who might benefit from its functions and can see this handsome watch sitting on their wrist. As seen, the retail price for the Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Time watch is ,700.

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Dubey & Schaldenbrand Grand Dome Watch Hands-On

The GMT is the diamond-shaped hand, settable independently from the hour hand in one-hour increments. Pull the crown out one stop and rotate. In one direction the date changes and in the other the GMT hand moves.

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It was back in about 2008 that de GRISOGONO unveiled a watch that would really change the game for the modern, ultra-high-end exotic timepiece. The Meccanico dG was not the first timepiece of its type, but it did something a bit special. It visually offered a message to the mainstream public of what watch lovers were so fanatical about. A futuristic case with a dial that had a traditional analog face along with a digital display. Under all that was pure mechanics. The concept really seamlessly integrated mechanics with the digital age in a way that anyone could appreciate. This is in contrast to dials and designs that require years of watch appreciation to even understand (think most Harry Winston Opus models). Suddenly, many more people learned that a watch could cost several hundred thousand dollars.

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Most dive watches begin to look like one another because they share so many things in common. A thick case, rotating bezel, and easy to read dial with technical looking hands and indicators – the Sea Diver is no different. Its case is steel and the watch is water resistant to 300 meters. How deep can you go with Zegna High Performance clothing? The rotating bezel is classic looking and chunky with sharp edging and a black (likely aluminum) scale insert. These days it is hard however to accept non ceramic or sapphire inlay bezels on good dive watches. The dial is matte textured black with a combination of red and white Arabic numeral and baton hour markers. You’ll either love or hate the serpent-head hour hand and sword minute hand combo. Taken as a whole you can see a bit of the Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk Diver’s DNA in this piece. Just a bit. Part of me thinks there is a bit too much red in the dial, but I’d have to wear it for a while to really know. I will give the High Performance Sea Diver the benefit of the doubt until then.

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Tag Heuer has been producing the Aquaracer line of divers for the better part of 20 years and the range has always promoted models to both the enthusiast and mass market buyers. Over the course of its lifespan, the Aquaracer has transitioned from a sport diver to an appealing option for buyers looking for a nicely made entry point into the world of luxury divers. In 2009, Tag Heuer launched the Aquaracer 500m WAJ series, an aggressive and very sporty design that was definitely more diver than dress watch and was something of a callback to Heuer's roots in commercial diving. This year, Tag Heuer has released the next generation of their 500m diver (reference WAK) and has dropped much of the styling cues that made the well-received 2009 WAJ range stand out from other Aquaracer models. These new ceramic bezel-clad 500m divers are much more reminiscent of the often overshadowed WAN series 300m divers, which are the dressy sub-a-likes in the previous generation of Tag Heuer divers.

De Bethune attempted to educate me on the nature of the engraving, the meaning of the glyphs, and something about the Mayan "Long Count" calendar which is a lengthy period of 144,000 days. The character in the middle is called baktun, or represents baktun (whatever that is). The dial is rich with Mayan numerals and other symbols that have great meaning to Mayan historians. Also perhaps it has meaning to "end of days" lovers that think that in 2012 the world is going to go kaput. Or was that the Aztec calendar? I keep getting ancient calender systems confused. There are at least 12 of those people with enough love (and cash) to pick up one of these more than 0,000 watches right? Where do all the modern day Mayans millionaires reside? Good question.

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