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With the changing climate of consumer spending, even in the once-sacred luxury goods market, brands such as Swarovski are poised to do well - if they keep at it correctly. Everyone loves crystals... Even when they say they don't, they do. They catch your eye when the light hits it - they match ANY outfit - and are just fun. And, when it comes to Swarovski, there really is no other brand - company - designer out there that do crystals like Swarovski does crystals. They are the masters.

Diamonds for diamonds sake? Maybe not. Don't overlook the importance of ludicrously gilded timepieces in the haute joaillerie watch category. While such timepieces might wreak of excess, they are often times as complex, or more complex than the mechanical creations we so love. The process of choosing and cutting diamonds (not to mention setting them) is in credibly time consuming. All that in a white gold case with a automatic tourbillon mechanical movement - and you might just start saving up gold bars for this over .3 million impulse buy.

Avenir Chrono was started by the Ukrainian immigrants jewelers who started the popular Rafaello & Company Jewelers. Looks like there is gonna a long line of chronograph watches coming from them with a name like that. The watches are made via partners in Switzerland with Swiss movements. The Boss Premiere timepieces use ETA Valjoux 7753 automatic movements. There are the same as a Valjoux 7750, but with a tri-compax chronograph layout and no day of the week indicator. There is likely an open caseback with a view into the movement.

What is cool is that while the watch strap is leather, the inner strap is lined with alcantara leather - the famous 'non-slip' Italian leather made in just one factory that is popular on race car seats. These straps have always been comfortable and I would venture to say that this type of strap on a Royal Oak Offshore watch might even be an improvement. Notice that the strap on the available watch is perforated as well. Inside the watch is an in-house made Audemars Piguet calibre 2326/2840 automatic mechanical chronograph movement with a 38 hour power reserve. In my opinion this is of the most interesting and attractive limited edition Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watches out there. Often times AP will simply change a few colors or something like that. Here they really seemed to go the distance and give us something new and interesting. These watches are pretty rare right now. Here one is available on James List. Price is not indicated, but I imagine it would be at least ,000 or so, maybe a bit more or less.

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Tag Heuer Aquaracer Caliber 5 500m Watches Revisited Watch Releases

Other customizations include white gold and rose gold colored cases as well as various dial treatments. You can see a gallery of a few more interesting Jaquet Droz Les Douze Villes watch dial choices here.  In addition to the rose gold with black enamel is a white gold version with a meteorite dial that is pictured. The lower images design is pleasant, but odd to the degree that you have a central round dial that does not seem to serve and purpose as the minute hand actually uses the larger dial, not the smaller one. A minor point, but worth noting. Jaquet Droz's young looking CEO Manuel Emch takes you through this year's new creations in the video below. Is he trying to grow a beard or does he just need to shave? I can't really tell. I swear it is a distraction when he is talking. Still, he seems to know what he is going and the images of the new Jaquet Droz automaton are really cool. Basically it is a very complex machine that just writes down what time it is on a piece of paper. Consider it a very expensive science project that really only serves the purpose of being interesting to watch operate.

While Virtual Ideas is often inclined to create highly luxurious creations, it is often the fact that such designs are remarkable good at being "mainstreamed." Good watch designs can design for all timepiece levels. A common theme in all their designs is the ability to innovatively display the indication of time. This is the goal for many watch makers actually, and I applaud and appreciate their efforts (and the results). Big Time fits directly into this meme. Although they aren't the first to produce the hands on rail system, they did so a novel way, with attractive results. I can easily see myself putting on a watch like this and grinning at the results. Very cool.

Andre Checa Designs Most Hideous Watch Case This Year

Andre Checa Designs Most Hideous Watch Case This Year

My Favorite Ball Watches At JCK, Big And Lots Of Lume Feature Articles

Angular Momentum Crown Jewels Of Nature Watches: Three Cockatoo Birds + One Watch Releases

Citizen Sportissimo Watches Jazz Up The Promaster Line Watch Releases

RGM 300 Professional Diver Mother-of-Pearl Dial Watches Watch Releases


  • Aerospace Grade Titanium case
  • ETA2824-2 Automatic movement
  • 44mm diameter
  • 49mm diameter with crown
  • 14mm thick
  • 54mm lugs to lugs
  • 500m Water resistant with automatic helium valve release
  • Domed sapphire crystal with anti reflective inside
  • Drilled through lugs with screw-in tube

After a while you'll start to appreciate just how much character the Lumzilla watch has while still being a functional watch. Get ready for something large and in charge, with a good polish, and a fair price for what will prove to be a hard to get item.

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HourTime Show Podcast Episode 4 – Tourbillons, Dos/Don’ts, Holiday Shopping + a Contest!

HourTime Show Podcast Episode 4 – Tourbillons, Dos/Don’ts, Holiday Shopping + a Contest!

Priced retail at 0 the TX 800 Series Linear Chronograph isn't a cheap watch, but neither is it a cheaply made or feeling watch. While this white with rose gold tone version is on the wild side, the line has a number of color tones for most tastes. This is one of my more favorite TX watches in their current line up and I always am happy to wear it. The comments I get are interesting as well. The design and look of the watch sum it up quite well. There is really nothing else out there like it and I can easily say it is a good watch and certainly hip. Worth checking out, whether you are a baller or not, my say is that white watches are in.

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DWATCH 1000m Diving Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Urwerk UR-CC1 King Cobra Linear Time Watch Watch Releases

Listen to HourTime episode 5 at here.

Edox Grand Ocean Automatic Chronograph Watch Review Watch Releases

If you are going to buy or receive any watches this holiday season you are going to want to listen to the latest episode of HourTime - my favorite podcast, because I and John Biggs make it.

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Pierre DeRoche Split Rock Dare Watch Collection

Pierre DeRoche Split Rock Dare Watch Collection

The dial on the T3C301 is pretty nicely done - not much else out there at this price range like it. Lots of texturing and layers, while the lume covered hour markers are applied. The hands are well done, but I would have liked for them to contrast a bit more with the dial. This is of course not an issue with the black faced version of this watch. I also like the angled chapter ring which helps add depth and complexity to the dial. The luminant works, but is a bit thinly applied, so expect the best results after the watch has been out in the sun a bit for darkness viewing. For a watch at this price level, I am really impressed by the build quality. It feels solid and well put together - with a good looking polish.

Learn more about the TX Perpetual Weekly Calendar watches here.

My Timex Classic Camper Watch Article On

My Timex Classic Camper Watch Article On

See Panerai watches on eBay here.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubens Barrichello II Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

Panerai PAM305 Luminor Submersible 1950 Dive Watch Is Surprise Hit Watch Releases Panerai's new P9000 automatic movement line was the star for the watchmaker at SIHH this year. The entry level in-house made movement is meant to be a friendly rugged machine with function and reliability in mind. This is particularly seen in the watches that the new movement line showed up in. My favorite of which is this PAM00305 (PAM305), also known at the Luminor Submersible 1950. In addition to being Panerai's first exhibition back diving watch it also has a face without a number 12. This is the first time I have seen this on a Panerai watch, though I am admittedly not a Panerai superfan like some people out there. You have to give this watch a double-take to make sure it is in fact a Panerai, because that "12" always in the same font, is just SO Panerai. Actually the look is based on some historic Panerai diving watches.

Project X offers three main useful services for watch lovers. First, they offer a full customization service where you choose what Rolex watch you want, and everything you want done to it. As the term "bespoke" isn't used too often in the US, it simply means "personalized." They source the new Rolex watch and you can either choose from various options on their website, or enjoy a very personal consultation with them to communicate precisely what your dream is. Project X invests a large amount of time privately with clients working with them on designing their ultimate Rolex watch creation. Often times the costs for such modifications can be high given the complexity. For customers who opt for this, it is not a matter of cost, but joy that a company like Project X even exists to offer such services with quality results. Project X takes great pride in their Bespoke Edition watches.