Debaufre GMT Red/Blue Watch Review

Debaufre GMT Red/Blue Watch Review

4. Universal Names

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Porsche Design is one of my favorite watch brands. Yes, that list might be long, but there is a good reason for these guys to be on it. First of all they have a history of trying to make nice modern watches. There aren't too many brands out there that I can suggest who have a history of doing that (well). Porsche Design has also been an innovator in terms of design and materials. Last, Porsche Design knows who to work with to make the best watches. In the past it was brands like IWC and Orfina, and for the last long while it has been Eterna.

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Based on a few of his watches, I have deduced that Christophe Claret has a pet-peeve about pushers that you can accidentally press--but at the same time he prefers against inset pushers. So what he did for this watch was engineer little lever-locks on the underside of the case that apply to the pushers that adjust the calendar functions. Clever, right? However, you will see one inset pusher on the side of the watch which is likely for the leap year adjustment.

• Hours and minutes: “leaf” type
• Small seconds: baton type with pear-shaped counterweight, blued steel

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Power reserve                 50 hours