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You will most likely notice a trend among watch enthusiasts that we all like variety. That is the whole point of owning more than one watch. Thus, because Apple requires pure uniformity among only proprietary devices and software, they do not allow for variety, and people who like watches are less likely to be Apple fans.

The first NauticFish watches were actually little more than rebranded Scahumburg watches with minor changes. Currently, NauticFish watches have their own special character, but that did not occur over night. Over the last few years, little design changes resulted in the current product, of which many are nice hybrid designs between the appealing look of Schaumburg dive watches and the NauticFish style. The first changes appeared on the face with the hand and number indicators, then the bezel treatment, and other items changed as well.

What was lacking however in the Breitling Superocean Heritage was the feature that Breitling is best known for, the inclusion of a chronograph in its watches. Thus the standard Superocean Heritage might have been a bit lacking for some Breitling traditionalists, but a stellar timepiece by most standard with its COSC chronometer movement, large size, and classic appeal.

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Rolex Submariner Replica Online

6. When dealing with seller from foreign countries, be careful, but not rude. Not all foreign sellers are scammers or trying to rip you off. You have to remember that the US only consumes 15% of the luxury watch market. The rest is primarily centered in Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Sellers from these places are probably ok if they are communicative.

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Rare Grand Seiko GMT Spring Drive Watch Available For Sale Sales & Auctions
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I featured the similar Sinn 757 UTC (that is the same model but with a 24 hour GMT hand) in my article about watches that would suit someone well if they were to be stranded on a deserted island. The SInn 757 is among the few mechanical watches that has the potential for operating many years without worry or accuracy dilemmas.

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Breitling Replica Rolls Out New Bentley

See Piaget watches on eBay here.

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Review of the Casio G-Shock Giez 1000BJ From

Review of the Casio G-Shock Giez 1000BJ From

When a watch company wants to use an ETA movement they order a kit, and assemble it. Sometimes a maker will modify, decorate, or add to a movement. A popular example is the ETA 2824-2. This movement has been around since the 1970's and is still widely used. It is an excellent movement with the potential to achieve chronometer certification. You can see how when ETA puts thought into creating a movement, then bank on it being around for the long haul. Makers have been known to decorate the rotor, add additional complications, or tweak various parts of the movement to make them more accurate (especially when try to apply for a chronograph certificate).

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Perfect Cartier Tank Replica

Dedicated watch forums for brands such as Rolex, Breiling, Omega, and Panerai are often closely monitored by their respective beloved brand owners. Careful when interacting if at all, companies listen to consumer sentiments (and hopefully react). There are also website forums such as, which are blatant marketing tools for advertisers to control consumer content, and place only positive information about their watches, while censoring anything negative. I discuss this practice here when I talked about

Having said that, the opportunity for Omega to release special Olympics event watches is too tempting to resist, and this time around, they have something really special. Despite the thick layer of controversy which exists atop this year's Summer Olympics, Omega is able to provide a truly charming timepiece in commemoration of the event. Surely to become a collectors item as the watch so gracefully combines the five ring Olympian logo with chronograph functionality that the Omega Speedmaster is know for. Of course, not settling there, Omega had to fill each ring with a different function. So what did they do to fill the extra two dials, as a standard chronograph only has three? Well they turned one of them into a day of the week indicator, and another into a seven day counter. Meaning this chronograph now measures up to seven days. Pretty nifty. The middle ring that is the day of the week counter used a broad "T" shaped hand to make use of the limited area to display the day of the week.

As most of you already know, the Citizen Campanola series of watches represents the highest level of watch making from Citizen. Each is hand assembled and lovingly detailed. The craftsmanship is really top-notch and the materials used spare no expense. To visit Citizen's Campanola home page here.

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White On Time

In the end have fun. Name brainstorming is the best part of branding. Because perception is at least 50% of business, taking the time to think of a good brandable business name is worth every moment of time you put into it.

Marcello C. Tridente eBay Auction: Tantamount To A Rolex Submariner

Marcello C. Tridente eBay Auction: Tantamount To A Rolex Submariner

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Temption CGK203 Watch Review: German Bauhaus Powerhouse Wrist Time Reviews
ETA Valjoux 7751 7761 disc day date moon swiss made to choose
Time Remaining: 4d 16h 57m
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To view this lovely watch, check out the Citizen Campanola Perpetual Calendar on eBay here.

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Tasting IWC Replica “The Little Prince” special edition watch

I have to applaud a new brand that releases relatively sober and legible timepieces. The Double Retrograde from the new Swiss watch brand Pierre DeRoche is an obvious "homage" to Gerald Genta, but well done nonetheless; making for a legible watch that strays from the norm.

See what Blancpain watches are available on eBay here.

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Watch Choice For Survival: Top Pick For Deserted Island Scenario? ABTW Editors' Lists
CASIO MR G MRG 220 7 digital Metal G SHOCK resistant watch Japan Spherical glass
Time Remaining: 3d 10h 34m

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Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon 311.

See Patek YES watches on Amazon here.YES Watches Offer Celestial Time Telling At A Glance Watch Releases

Few watch brands specialize in sport watches exclusively, but some do. Tag Heuer and Omega for example sell mostly sport watches, but offer dress watches as well. These are obviously very mainstream brands, but by no means the only brands one should consider. It is not possible to make an exhaustive list. The best idea is to search on eBay, or online for "diving watches, racing watches, pilot watches." As you explore, it will become obvious which ones you like or are not so fond of. One you find models you like, you can explore similar types or brands until you find the watch that has the perfect set of features you are looking for.

The Caesar's Palace Tourneau store greets you with their customary assemblage of world clocks. Here the display is quite extreme, something Las Vegas is of course known for. Upon stepping inside, you are verbally greeted by one of Las Vegas' many "meet staff." Probably to keep out the riff raff, but more likely looking for tips as most of the people in Las Vegas seem to be aiming for.

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Modern Omega Speedmaster Replica

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See IWC watches on Amazon here.IWC Vintage Aquatimer Watch Looks Classic Good, Reminds You Of When Diving Was Not As Safe Watch Releases

Review of the Seiko SKA367 Kinetic Dive Watch From


Sometimes you will need to take parts from your current watch to place on the new strap or bracelet. These parts are usually the connector pins and possibly the clasps or buckles that secure the straps or bracelets. These are usually easy to remove with the right tools, which can also be purchased cheaply. Spend a good deal of time seeing all the parts which are available to get the best mix of styles to match your watch, and how you'd like to appear. Some watch straps are utilitarian, while others are purely decorative. Go ahead and see what is out there.

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Platinum Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI 40th Anniversary | Fratellowatches

Quality watches are made to last, and one of the only things still made that way. Products today are disposable. How often to you get things repaired rather than replaced these days? Patek Philippe has a clever, yet odd sounding marketing phrase that is somewhat illustrative. They say "you never own a Patek Philippe, you merely hold on to it for the next generation." The point they make, which is actually true, is that these watches, with some maintenance will last for a long time. Because they are simply made to. That is part of the investment when buying a watch of quality, and applies to many more brands than just Patek Philippe.

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Seiko Deepens Prospex Watch Line With The Marinemaster Kinetic Direct Drive

Seiko Deepens Prospex Watch Line With The Marinemaster Kinetic Direct Drive

Nivrel Sea Series Diving Watch Makes Sense For Any Collection: Coming in Red, Yellow, And Blue Trim Watch Releases Nivrel watches have a good deal of merits, but I will save such praise for another time, my focus now is on the "Sea" series of diving watches. Of which are the Red Sea, South Sea, and Deep Sea; which accordingly have red, yellow, and blue trim. By this I mean that the tips of the hands are specially colored along with the model name, and the first fifteen minutes on the rotating bezel scale. The Nivrel Red Sea and South Sea watches only differ in color, while the Nivrel Deep Sea has a deeper depth rating of 1000 meters rather than 300 meters for the other two. Inside each of the watch you will find a familiar ETA 2824-2 automatic Swiss movement, and a look enhanced by a half century of refinement.

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Omega Speedmaster Straps

Most important to any watch design is the face upon which you spend most of your eye time. Here the C1 suffers much of the same confusion as the rest of the watch. When I first looked at the C1, the first thing that came to mind was, "what is going on in there." I desperately wanted to sift thought the menage of circles, lines, and textures to reach something coherent. I could barely tell what time it was. The best part of the face is the seconds dial. This is easily the best part of the C1 overall, but nothing particularly novel. Instead of using a traditional hand to indicate the seconds, Concord created an entire register shaped rotating circle with an arrow on each side to tell the time. While it does not add to the functionality, it really doesn't detract from it, and is a welcome visual novelty; appealing each time you notice it. At least here I can commend the design.


Freshly returned from my Las Vegas trip I am left with the distinct impression that high-end Las Vegas hotels are a watch lover's dream. The plethora of watch stores, available brands, models, and timepiece enthusiasts is enough to envelop you in surreal atmosphere were rare and beautiful watches seem commonplace. While I intend to speak more generally about the watch shopping environment in Las Vegas, the focal point of any Las Vegas watch outing should be the Tourneau store located in Forum Shoppes in the Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino.

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