Never before Tag Heuer Aquaracer Replica

Of all of the Autodromo models, I prefer Veloce as it has bright white hands and, apart from some subtle shading, the minute track runs along the entire edge of the dial, which is not the case with their other models. The Veloce, despite its lack of a second hand, seems like the most viable option as a daily wearer as the design offers an easy to read display, date, and even a splash of color on the dial which mimics the red line of a tachometer. The lugless case design is carried over from Autodromo's other models, as is the 20mm tropic-style leather strap which looks really nice when combined with the automotive motif. The Veloce is also quartz powered and its 42 x 10mm case can be had in a stainless or a black PVD finish for 5 USD.

Uniform Wares 302 Series Watches Watch Releases

Melody : The Chime of Bells from “The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte , K. 620) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Brown Safe is an interesting company, and I don't know of any others like it. I visited their new headquarters here in Southern California to check out a pair of custom Chronos Safes, and to learn more about what they do. Brown Safe is by all means an extremely successful company that does not appear to need to produce high-end safes for private customers. I think they do it because they simply like to. Brown Safe Manufacturing was started by founder Frederick Brown in 1980. A former soldier and engineer, Brown stumbled upon the safe industry and seemed to decide he could do it better. With connections to the military, he was quickly able to offer products the US Government and military needed. I believe today, the majority of Brown's business comes from its government contracts. Providing safety equipment (safes, vault doors, etc...) to the military and government isn't exactly easy. This business model has forced Brown (like other military contractors) to rigorously test and improve their products to very exacting specifications.

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Bremont HMS Victory Limited Edition Watch

Bremont HMS Victory Limited Edition Watch

While wearing a Rolex tends to exude this message of "I made it" (intentionally or not), there are however, plenty of other reasons why buying a Rolex is a great investment and will get you on the road to horological satisfaction and connoisseurship…

Seeing an opportunity to educate this legendary man on something he was clearly passionate about I pulled over a nearby gentleman who was wearing a limited edition Hublot timepiece. Lucky for me it was a particularly interesting model that gave me a lot of talking points. While I was at an event for Hublot, not all the people there were guests of the brand. Mr. Flav does go where he pleases. The watch was the gold version of the Hublot King Power Red Devil limited edition watch for Manchester United. Flavor Flav was not familiar with the brand, but that is OK - at least he keeps time very close to him. My mind began to wander with possibilities on who might prove best to partner with Flavor Flav as a brand ambassador. Hublot was far too obvious a choice. It needed more bite, more of a connection to Flav's own story and status as a legend. It would have to be Vacheron Constantin and none other.

Luminox Field Day Date 1820 Black Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

It is hard to dislike the crown which is eight-sided like the pen bodies and comes with a black cabochon stone (perhaps onyx). The watch case is water resistant to 50 meters. On the rear of the case you'll find a sapphire crystal display back with a view of the movement. Montegrappa makes use of the Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement in these mechanical models. The movement isn't decorated, but it does have a Montegrappa logo plate on the rotor. There are two quartz models as well in the Nero Uno watch family. These have either a chronograph or small seconds Swiss movement.


The case is made from steel and titanium, and is just over 43mm wide. It is a large, but not totally huge timepiece. Once again you not only have a cool looking watch case but also a lovely three-dimensional dial to look into. In mostly titanium, this initial version of the UR-210 can be thought of as the "naked" model. You can fully expect to see models in black, and in other treatments in the near future. Urwerk makes no reference of "limited edition," so I consider this to be a new standard model in their collection.

Seiko Golgo 13 Watches Watch Releases

The precise watch gifted to Walter White in the show is the Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 ref. CAW2111.FC6183. This version of the Monaco is actually very close in design to the original 1969 version that was worn by Steve McQueen. Tag Heuer actually released an anniversary version of that watch recently which is a more-or-less precise dial copy of the original. This one has a lovely metallic blue dial with squared white subsidiary dials to match the square look of the steel 39mm wide case. It is a very classic look and one that is imbued with sport watch history given that the Monaco is such an iconic design.

Ceramics also have very high strength but with one big defect. That strength only comes under compression. Under compression, they can bear very high loads, strengths ranging 1000 to 4000 MPa. Titanium, that we consider as very strong material, only has 1000 MPa. 4000 MPa is unheard of in any metal. However that’s only in compression. In tension (think flexability) the strength of ceramic falls as much as 15 times, which makes them useless for many applications. Metals on the other hand have very little differences between their tensile and compressive strengths. This ceramic "Achilles Heel" is mainly due to the low ductility and toughness of ceramics. They just break when you hit them hard. If only they had been tougher, they could have been the best materials in the world for almost all applications. This low toughness means you should protect your ceramic watch from impacts, or it can shatter. This is why old stone structures are made with many arches, the arch makes sure the loads are compressive in the nature.

LUM-TEC V Series V3 Phantom Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The Grande Seconde Tourbillon is available in 18k white or rose gold in a 43mm wide case. The white gold version has a slate colored dial with Geneva stripes, while the rose gold version has a more traditional looking grand fau enamel dial. Both are really nice but I like the Cote de Geneva striped dial better - especially thanks to the overlapping translucent dials that I believe might be sapphire crystal as well.


Xetum Tyndall PVD Black Watch

Xetum Tyndall PVD Black Watch

Ulysse Nardin Minute Repeater Tourbillon Jaquemarts Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Watch design experimentation is also complicated because it can be difficult to know what advice to use and which to discard. You can't please everyone, and it takes a clever team to properly sort out the most useful advice. The Oktopus II for example ended up being more legible and having a more beautiful face. The collection also gets this sexy blue accented titanium model. You can see my original post on the Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Double Date watch here to examine some of the small changes. The updated final design is tweaked with an emphasis on boldness and detail polishing. I still very much like the black ceramic bezel on the 44mm wide titanium case (that is water resistant to 300 meters). This blue accented model will sit next to the yellow accented model very nicely.

Rolex - probably the world's top luxury marque - has decided to put a segment of its venerable advertising budget into YouTube, the major online video sharing website. Rolex is known (perhaps famous) for its healthy, but finicky advertising budget. It is also widely known among watch writers and journalists to be a brand that rarely speaks with any type of media in regard to their products. Fanatically protective with their image and market, Rolex's participation with YouTube as an advertising partner is interesting to say the least.

Ikepod KAWS Watch Hands-On Hands-On

On the beautifully decorated main dial are solid 18k gold hands showing the time, as well as a subsidiary seconds dial, date dial, and moon phase indicators. Press the lever-style pusher on the left side of the case and the dials opens in two locations to reveal another time indicator and a day/night indicator (used for AM/PM indication). I am really curious to see it all work in person.

Uniq GAF Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Breguet Classique Chronometrie 10Hz Watch Hands-On Hands-On

This marks the thirteenth consecutive year that Tissot has served as official timekeeper of MotoGP. In honor of this partnership, Tissot has released a series of limited edition chronographs (as it has in the past). While the two quartz variants are limited to 8,888 pieces, this automatic version is even more limited at 2,012 pieces. The T-Race MotoGP 1012 Automatic Chronograph contains the C01.211 movement, made exclusively for Tissot by ETA. It combines race-inspired good looks with solid build quality at a reasonable price. We first reviewed a watch with movement inside of a Swatch Automatic Chronograph here back in 2009.

In addition to servicing watches for the general public, Central Watch is also retained by many large stores to service the watches that they sell. They go to Central Watch for their honest work and high level of workmanship. Central Watch has a reputation for doing what is necessary to get it done right the first time. There are just too many stories about situations where people send watches to even the original brand - only to get the watches back with the same problem (or new ones), and a large bill. In a totally non-self-aggrandizing manner, Kivel speaks matter-of-factly about the business of watch repair as a delicate art that must be approached in the right manner. Otherwise, mistakes are almost guaranteed to be made. Those who understand this are justifiably intimidated about getting their watches fixed. It is unfortunately often an unpleasant experience - but it doesn't have to be.

Ladoire RGT "Origin Of The Sun" Piece Unique Watch Watch Releases

Domes and both display backs with anti-reflective treatment on both faces.

The meet-up will start at about 6pm. Enjoy some beer, nosh, and watch talk, and horological interludes with Ariel Adams and John Biggs. All those planning on attending are invited to comment below so we can add you to the headcount. See you there.

Giveaway: Breil Orchestra Automatic Watch

Giveaway: Breil Orchestra Automatic Watch