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As a showcase of the Richemont group’s watch brands as well as others such as Audemars Piguet and Greubel Forsey, SIHH sees a mind-boggling number of new watch releases. Understandably, it can be difficult and tedious to keep up with all of the new watches. So for your convenience, here’s what we think are the top 10 most interesting watches at the show.

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Overall, that's what the watch speaks to me as. Yes, it's definitely a sport watch, there's no doubting that. But when you have dauphine hands (which, by the way, do have some lume on them) over the top of that jet black dial, it's pushing things to a more refined look; this is something that the 50m WR rating also belies. Add in the 3-link bracelet with it's outer polished links, and this is a piece that's definitely a "softer" sport watch.

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But is all that really necessary? Surely not. While fine materials are indispensable in the case of any luxury product, when you aspire to sell something to a watch enthusiast you have to do a lot more than merely use expensive materials. You have to change your approach to quality in order to consistently achieve it even at the level of the smallest of details. Chances are that someone who loves watches is fond of mechanics, craftsmanship and perhaps even perfection itself - and someone who collects fine watches is used to seeing all that on the level of micro-mechanics. So when you are manufacturing something that easily weighs more than a thousand pounds, you clearly have a lot of space to work with and so you are expected to deliver. Apparently the people at Buben & Zorweg know this, and so they equipped the Magnum with a set of features so as to make it a bit more user-friendly... and less boring to someone who is treated to some of the finest mechanical timepieces.

Patek Philippe Chronograph Annual Calendar 5960/1A Watch In Steel Watch Releases

With a top tier and insanely thin movement, fantastically thin case design, and almost needlessly complex dial ornamentation, the Grand Feu is going to tick a lot of boxes for the well-heeled collector, especially those that missed out on the limited production run of the Jubilee. Available sometime in June of this year, the inclusion of the complex dial enamelling makes the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Grand Feu much more expensive than the Jubilee that preceded it, sporting a list price of ,900 USD.

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Girard-Perregaux Neo Tourbillon With Three Bridges Watch Hands-On Hands-On

My constructive comments are minimal at best and oddly all strap related . Because of the stature of the watch, the leather strap is matched in scale and I need to have a couple more holes (carefully!) punched so it can fit my wrist properly. All I can figure is Tsikolia must be a bruiser in person. The first keeper on the leather strap is also quite difficult to get the mating side to fit through, as it's permanently affixed quite close to where the pin engages. This may break in nicely with time though. Finally, the nylon strap is a hair on the thin side compared to other NATO and nylon straps I've seen. It could a bit thicker to approximate the leather strap and match the stature of the watch. Overall though the P-47 is a pleasure to read with everything bold and uncluttered. One more time, with its size, it's not a watch that likes to fit under a cuff. But mind you, this is isn't a watch with which you discuss mergers and acquisitions over cocktails. a watch that you jam the control stick forward into a steep dive with all eight 50 caliber guns wide open.

The Artistry Of Horology: Audemars Piguet Watches At Art Basel Switzerland Feature Articles

Arnold & Son Royal TES Tourbillon With A Sapphire Twist

Arnold & Son Royal TES Tourbillon With A Sapphire Twist

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Once again, we have to advise people that for the most part, you can't over-wind a modern mechanical watch and it will offer an enjoyable wearing and operating experience without fear of accidental damage.

Frédérique Constant Moontimer Watch Review

Frédérique Constant Moontimer Watch Review

It was a purely whimsical creation and in 2009, that made total sense. At 43mm wide, the original Turbine watch later grew in size with the Turbine XL, and continued to see many different versions over the year. In fact, it will continue to see many versions as Perrelet will no doubt keep reinterpreting the concept into more iterations. There is already a tourbillon version available...

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Watch Winner Announced: Traser Red Combat Giveaways

The Casio Pro Trek model I have recently purchased was announced and released this year at Baselworld. It is reference number PRW3000-1A and is primarily constructed of plastic resin but has a stainless steel back and black stainless steel bezel. What is obvious from the start is that this Pro Trek is smaller, lighter, and slimmer than previous models which tended to sit high on the wrist and were 55+ mm in diameter. What also helps the new Casio Pro Trek appear smaller is the 24mm gray plastic band which tapers quickly to 18mm. And at a mere 64 grams this is simply the easiest Casio Pro Trek to wear, especially when used for its intended strenuous activities.

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The first thing a watchmaker would do is determine where the leak was coming from. They’d conduct a dry water resistance test and if the watch passes it normally means the customer has immersed the watch in water whilst the crown was left out. This can then be verified by looking at the crown stem and crown tube when the watch is opened. If the dry test fails or is inconclusive, then a wet water resistance test is carried out and if there is a leak it is easy to see where the leak is from (you may see a stream of bubbles from the edge of the glass for example). The watchmaker will now know what area needs attention to prevent further leaks.

F.P. Journe Sonnerie Souveraine Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Given the rotating bezel over the dial, the Midnight Planetarium watch does not look like most Midnight collection watches. The bezel actually moves the sapphire crystal as it rotates around and a small star shape on the crystal of course goes with it. What purpose does this serve? To indicate your "lucky star of course..." That is what they are calling it and the first step is using the peripheral calendar display around the dial and lining up the red arrow with a special day of the year. On that day (and around it), the Earth indicator orb will be under the star-shape helping to  highlight your special (poetic) day of the year. An element like that is really where you see Van Cleef & Arpels' DNA covertly sneaking its way into an otherwise technical and straightforward watch design.

Breguet Grandes Complications watches

Further, the final version of the Cesium 133 watch will have some LED status lights and a more attractive case. The prototype is 60mm wide by 50mm tall, and 23mm thick. The final version will have a light-weight carbon fiber case, be smaller, and retain the classic Bathys moon phase dial. Patterson intentionally did not want to give the Cesium 133 a digital face as "that would have been what everyone else did." So despite the intense accuracy of the watch, all the information is displayed on a traditional analog watch dial. The final version will also have improved battery life in the internal rechargeable lithium ion battery.

The P.3000 is a basic time-only movement, but it does have a helpful feature up its sleeves. Pull the crown into the second position, and it lets you advance only the hours. This is useful if you find yourself traveling across timezones. This is actually a relatively rare complication. That said, the movement was never one of the PAM 372’s strong selling points as there are more advanced in-house Panerai movements out there. The P.3000 is about as basic as it gets... more »

Watch Winner Announced: March LA.B AM3 Marron

Watch Winner Announced: March LA.B AM3 Marron

Good luck, and thanks to Victorinox Swiss Army Watches, the sponsor of the Officer Day/Date Mechanical watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity Watch

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity Watch

Breitling Avenger

I've always been a fan of the design of the Monaco V4 and the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Tourbillon is no different. This watch continues to look effortlessly cool and modern, but also something you would not hesitate to show off to non-watch people. What does that mean? Well, there are certain technically amazing mechanical watches that look either too nerdy, or too avant-garde to appeal to "lay tastes." Alternatively, there are some technically amazing watches that from the outside look like most other watches. With the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Tourbillon one gets a smooth combination of attractive looks as well as an obviously intriguing mechanical engine inside. Basically what I am saying is that this is the nerdy tech-movement watch you can wear on a date.

As a classic racing-inspired watch, the Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph dial makes good use of attractive, bold colors. These are used for the hands mostly, and help the dials be both legible and distinctive. From a fashion perspective, they are also interesting when trying to match them with the proper clothing. Overall, I find that each of the models gets high marks for legibility, even for the subdials.

While the opening may be the same, due to advancements in watchmaking technology, the quality of the visible components have been enhanced. Most notably, the current Chronomaster Power Reserve models use a silicon escape wheel and pallet fork. This serves two benefits. Roland explains, “It has the major advantage of extending the service interval, but at the same time it brings a nice aesthetic feature to the watch where you can see the violet color of the these parts that are made of silicon instead of traditional metal.”

Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Power Reserve Charles Vermot Limited Edition Watch Hands-On
The caseback and a view of the 4021 calibre Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Power Reserve Charles Vermot
Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Power Reserve Charles Vermot Limited Edition Watch Hands-On
The Chronomaster Power Reserve pictured above in silver. Like the Charles Vermot Limited, it now features an updated silicon pallet fork and escapement wheel. ,800

Patek Philippe Gondolo watches

For Citizen, their modern GPS watch collection began in 2011 with the release of the original Satellite Wave (hands-on here). In 2013 Citizen followed up with the more practical Satellite Wave-Air (which actually gets some brand new designs for 2014), and this year we see the very interesting Satellite Wave F100 with a relatively thin and very light titanium case.

Even with a concept borne in 2004, the Monaco V4 is still a very cool looking timepiece. The movement was designed to model an automotive engine in a few ways. One of the most ambitious elements was use of transmission style belts versus traditional metal gears for parts of the movement. Transmitting power via belts seemed possible enough, but it proved very difficult for TAG Heuer to ensure reliability and chronometric performance. In the end, TAG Heuer succeeded and the Monaco V4 is actually said to be a rather accurate watch.

Jordan K. from Illinois, USA asks:

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Tech specs from Arnold & Son:
Reference: 1CHAS.S02A.C121S

As our articles progressed, pricing has come down. Initially projected to be well over ,000, it was estimated to be a more reasonable ,000 or so. Well, now that the watch can be found on Kickstarter, you can snag one at the (relatively) affordable price of ,000, for which you'll have one of the first six prototypes being made. Should you prefer something with a bit more of a vacation feel, you can put ,000 down on the table for a trip out to Kauai, for which you can select either a Cesium 133, or one of the very rare Bombtimer (that was never actually commercially produced).

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