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The Perrelet A1021/3 is a luxury watch made like luxury watches used to be made like. Offering quality materials to represent the presentation of the time in as clear and easy a way possible and adding a few useful complications. Luxury these days can take many forms, many of them purely for boldness or experimentation. This watch is out of another era in its philosophy. I will also that this cushion-shaped Day Date Power Reserve watch is not one that I would run up to in a store case and get excited about it. Maybe that is because it is so function forward in presentation. Thus, the timepiece does not scream "buy me," but rather it grows on you after you give it a chance. Living with the watch for a bit I have become much more fond of it. It looks good and has lots of little luxury points that you can continue to enjoy for a long time - especially after those other watches with too much personality lose their novelty or fall out of style. These Perrelet watches will still be around. This same A1021 line of watch is also available with Roman numeral hands and hour markers instread of the Arabic numerals. Retail price is about ,000, with the street price being less.

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Zannetti Squelette XL Automatic Watch Available On James List

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These are not brand new watches, nor are they cheap watches. Lots of white gold (or other golds) and other fine materials (steel, ceramic, natural rubber, optional oodles of precious gems) make up the Gotham watches, and probably a lot of prissy attitudes and luxury margins. But who cares, you'll probably never even see ones of these watches in the flesh. The only places I am aware they are sold is in places like Dubai and Burjuman. Where cost is of little issue to some people. The name of the brand is Tired New York - not sure what the connection to New York is - oh well.

The mineral crystal is domed a bit adding to the quality feel of the watch. It is really quite a looker to be honest. Something women will be proud to wear, and something you'll be proud to give them. The strap really makes the watch complete. It is leather and brown on the edges and back. A almost patent leather surface in white lines the top of the watch. The white shininess of the strap goes well with the white shininess of the mother of pearl dial. The watch is also available in other colors - with brown, red, or  another version with a white dial but black (instead of rose gold) colored numerals. In my opinion this Orient Ladies Automatic CDB01005W with the rose gold tones is the best of the bunch.

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If it is for yourself or as a gift this is a good watch for the money. It has the style of much more expensive watches for around 0. This price is competitive with other nice Japanese watches such as Citizen and Seiko, but I think in a lot of ways this Orient watch has a lot more "worldly" character than some of the other women's Japanese watches in this price segment. The best part about the watch is that is can really be dressed up or dressed down - a good fit for almost any occasion and I don't think that women will need to try to hard to fit it into their style and personalities.orientwatchusa.com.

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Apparently Parmigiani started selling watches that had warranty papers with Prooftag bubble patterns starting last June. The concept is great, and of course it is cool. Part of the problem however is that unless the Prooftag identifiers are directly on the watch itself, you still have the possibility of "funny business." It would be possible to incorporate the tags somewhere on the back of the watch or on the inner parts of the lugs. Now that would be impressive use of the technology and really a prevention of passing off fake watches as real ones.

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Forget for a moment that you know anything about Rolex, about the legendary Daytona, or versions like Paul Newman Daytona which is among the pictured. Focus only on the contrasting colors of the dial and the existence of the chronograph subdials. This is very important - not just that there are subdials, but that they "pop" out a bit. this is best achieved on the Paul Newman versions. There is also the almost perfect symmetry of the watch - that would be perfect save for the text and numeral differences. My first theory is that simple two-tone or other contrasts in just a few colors are the west way to create visually attractive watch face. Start to get too many colors on the dial and people might think the design too busy, too cohesive - though at the same time one color can make a watch dial look flat or boring from afar. Each of these Rolex Daytona watch perfectly captures this idea of simple contrasting colors - here in black and white. New or old, this look is timelessly well done in this range of Daytona dials. The best part of the color system is that the watch look good from inches away or from across a restaurant.

The show is really good though, and from now on we will be using good ol' American high-speed Internet! Happy New Year, all!

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Made for a man, sized for a woman? Apparently that is what Swedish watch designer Gabriel Arlanch had in mind when making his first watch, the Arlanch Gold Watch No 1 as it is 32mm wide. Little! Sorta kid sized, or lady sized. Maybe I am getting it all wrong and this is a woman's watch. The was was announced mid last year, but this is the first I have heard of it. Aside from the passable looks, the real press release filler for the watch is it's eco-friendly features. Also, if the watch is Swedish, why does it say "Made in Germany" on it? Swedish design. Swiss movement, Germany manufacture. At least it looks that way.

When I first learned about the LUM-TEC Lumzilla watches I didn't know what to make of them. They are 50mm wide after all, and with a design I've never seen before. Then I saw some sneak preview shots that I discussed here, and finally I have the watch to share with you. Let me first say that the Lumzilla is the most wearable 50mm watch I've ever had. I love the size, and it doesn't look silly on my wrist. Sure the watch case is tall, but it all looks proportioned on my relatively small wrists. You can see how complex the look of the case it. Shaped like a twine spool, you have a substantial looking (and feeling) case, but one that feels more svelte than it is. I also appreciate the large crown and the good use of polishing on the case. For example, you have mirror polished surfaces as well as brushed surfaces. This is something that previous LUM-TEC watches did not have (as far as I know), and represents a moving up the watch world ladder for the company. You'll also notice the highly curved lugs that are perfect for having the watch wrap around your wrist. An excellent touch. The crown could have used a engraving on it. I realize that the LUM-TEC logo would not fit, but instead, the surface is so polished and large that you can easily see your reflection. So maybe it is good that it is bare, cause you can check your make up in the reflection (yes, ha ha).

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Tourneau has a few things it seriously needs to do in the short run. First, it needs to examine its relationship with the Internet. They need to rely on it as a sales tool, as opposed to an afterthought. Like others have done, they need to have a 24-hour "concierge" service where people can call in, talk to a qualified expert who can and will sell them watches - giving the process that personalized, educated touch. Careful on not making them too pushy with aggressive incentive systems. Don't forget, you are trying to be an "authority" not telemarketers.

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Silicium PVD coated titanium; limited edition of EIGHT pieces

Overall the watch works well and is nice to wear. It really satisfies that need for wanting a classic aviation style timepiece with a modern look and feel with a unique style. Price for the Tutima Grand Classic Chronograph watch is a pretty reasonable ,200 - which is probably for the leather strap version and a bit more for the metal bracelet. You can get less expensive aviator watches out there, but not too many with the history of Tutima or the admittedly high quality that I observed with these watches.

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The dial is where you will be spending more of your visual time. You can tell that the dial is sectioned off into a few years. There are three vertical levels, and there is a peripheral temperature gauge. The default screen shows the time (in either 12 or 24 hour format) and the date. There is no seconds display. You can tell that the Elementum Aqua has a pusher where the crown would normally be, and a crown located at 2 o’clock. The crown is pretty cool, and operates like a rotating selector. You turn the crown to make settings changes and change the screens. When you twist the crown, it makes a slight by reassuring little click — this is a nice detail. Further, the crown is large enough and placed in a manner making it easy to operate with gloves (if you want to switch back to view the time while underwater). Normally the crown rotates the default and dive log screen. How the crown down and you enter the settings mode when you can adjust the time, date, etc… Of course you can also set the watch to the metric system as well as standard. Holding down the pusher normally activates the very good backlight. Also, the watch features an alarm function that is pretty easy to use.

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There will also be more apps available on more devices. Most phones aside from just the iPhone will have applications that can be wirelessly downloaded. This means that watch companies will need to make multiple applications for each phone operating system. Another important area is standardizing watch specifications. It is possible that third parties will create watch related applications and will utilize on standardized watch specifications to include those brands who adhere to them. Right now there are no standards for explaining the specifications of a watch, but I believe this is coming (and should already have been here).

The watches here contain one of two movements. First is the Omega Caliber 3313 Co-Axial automatic movement that is the more classic looking tri-compax chronograph with three subdials. This is placed in the Seamaster models. Then there is my favorite, the Omega Caliber 3888 Co-Axial automatic movement first seen in 2008 on this limited edition Omega Summer Olympics watch. The very cool movement features five subdials that look like the Olympic rings. Functions on the 3888 movement are interesting. In addition to a week long chronograph, is a day-date calendar (date is shown in a window at 6 o'clock). Not sure how useful the seven day long chronograph is, or is that is exactly what odd chronograph dial is used for - Omega isn't clear on that exactly. Both movements are of course automatics, and likely all COSC Chronometer certified.

There are few very watches at this price level with bracelets that look at soon. The wide brushed steel links have a high quality feel, and aren't too thin either (yes, I am talking to you Seiko). The deployment clasp has a triple locking feature that is sturdy and feels nice. Plus, you'll appreciate how the links are bushed on the top and bottom, and polished on the sides - a very good look. I like the Orient engraving on the bottom of the clasp. Another feature you don't see too often on watches at this price point. You'll notice the thick screw-down caseback which helps the 40mm wide case to sit at a good level above the wrist. Size of the watch is perfect for the look being comfortable yet masculine. Being water resistant to 200 meters, you can easily do most diving with the watch easily. The crown and pusher at 2 o'clock are both screw-down as well.