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This is the first new Franck Muller watch in sometime - which makes sense as the watch maker has had to lay-off people due to a reduction in demand. The development of a few watch is very expensive, especially with a maker like Franck Muller. They don't just get a movement from ETA and built a watch around it, but rather build their own movement, or have one made for them. This with the physical design of the watch takes years, and is a huge investment. For a watch maker to stay in the spotlight, they must release new watches on some regular basis, unless they want people to think that are going under. Well Franck Muller is not going under and this new Triple Scale Chronograph Ratrappante Ref. 8883 watch.

You no doubt have been reading a few articles on here about female watches and thought to yourselves that the tone doesn't quite sound like me. Hopefully at that point you noticed that the author of the blog article was not me, but rather the newest addition to; who will regularly be commenting on the watch world in addition to myself. So please welcome Molly McDermott, who is here to bring a different perspective to watch appreciation.

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I don't know when Pontiac watches died, but they did. They were not an American brand, but as brands come and go, Pontiac went the way of the Dodo a long time ago. GM recently announced that Pontiac will shut down. The over 80 year old division of General Motors has had better times of course, but are we really losing much with the elimination of this automobile brand? The last important Pontiac car was probably the late 1960's GTO line, but that was just because it looked cool - since then it has been dog after derivative dog. The only good recent Pontiac cars were just re-branded Australian Holden cars. While still technically GM cars, Holden had no connection to the chronically dysfunctional American design and engineering side of things.

The watch itself is styled mainly after traditional aviator watches. This is seen in the hands, hour indicators, and contrast of black and white colors. You'll notice the 12 o'clock marker as being that of the "typical" pilot watch. The aviation style is subdued a bit to make for the subdials and the addition of the text on the dial. The hands could be a bit bigger, but legibility is overall good. The hour and minute indicators are ample, and there is a helpful sloped chapter ring around the dial with additional markers. The chapter ring actually has more markers than necessary given the functionality of the chronograph, but it cosmetically enhances the look of the watch. Inside the watch is a 60 minute Japanese Miyota chronograph quartz movement (with date). Miyota is Citizen watch's movement maker. The layout of the subdials not exactly what you would think. Ordinarily one subdial would used for the main dial's seconds, and the other two for the chronograph, while the large seconds hand on the dial is used for the chronograph. Here, only one subdial is used for the chronograph. The other (aside from the subsidiary seconds at 6 o' clock) is a synchronized 24 hour hand. This means that all 60 minutes that are possible to be measured are placed in one small dial. The problem is that the dial only has indicators each 5 minutes - so if you want precision you sort of need to eye it - you can have to just make out what the chronograph reads between each 5 minute marker. Not the end of the world, but this is not the watch for people who need a precise reading chronograph timepiece. For most people, the synchronized 24 hour hand is more useful. A tasteful addition to the watch is the red subsidiary seconds hand, as well as the red tip to the chronograph seconds hand.

Milus Kama Sutra Butterfly Watch Themed Cufflinks With Rotors Luxury Items

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And it all seems such a departure from the traditions and prestige of the Audemars Piguet I have come to recognise. It’s as if they want to burst into the 21st century with robots and automation and pop video style presentations and maybe trying to be something they are not....who knows?
I certainly don’t feel I need to know much more about it and doubt I'll be rushing out to buy one I’m afraid ….. not on the video evidence anyway.

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My Article On The Romain Jerome Dark Side Of The Moon Watch On

My Article On The Romain Jerome Dark Side Of The Moon Watch On

Hublot Classic Fusion

My final feelings — For me a noisy pop video with a flying black lump (albeit a light Ti one) of a watch at the end of it does little to impress I’m afraid.

Overall, these are standout watches, but I wonder if IWC missed the ball a bit when it comes to their key market, and the look they are interesting in paying IWC dollars for.

This watch is really a fine luxury timepiece with a classic look from a new watch maker. The brand is Ateliers DeMonaco, and is meant to be a mix of Swiss watch making finesse with Monaco style and attitude. The watches come in various forms with the square models being my favorite. They feature three different styled faces in various colors. The faces have either Roman or Arabic numerals, or pictured with simple hour markers. These are some of the first actual images of the watch after its unveiling that I've seen and I have to say that I am impressed. Not only does the face and dial look deliciously elegant, but look at that decorated movement and rotor! Seeing such high engraved and decorated rotors is very rare. Being able to afford them is probably just as rare.You can read a bit more about it where I discussed DeMonaco watches on here.

Patek Philippe Pocket Watches

The strap is really cool as well. It isn't new for this watch, but Blancpain as always provided an super high quality coated canvas strap that is retr0, comfortable, and stylish all at the same time. So there you have it, a brand new, really interesting sports watch from Blancpain that furthers the reach of the "Fathoms" watch line. We have really come far from that watch developed to only be resistant to 50 fathoms under water. For me, the 50, and now the 500 Fathoms have always had a place on that short list of, "if I could only wear one watch, I would have one of these watches." Maybe you feel the same. Price will likely be over ,000, probably shy of ,000.

IWC Portuguese Chrono Automatic Jackie Chan Limited Edition Available On Sales & Auctions

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la Montre Verte City Pulse Pollution Detecting “Green Watch”

la Montre Verte City Pulse Pollution Detecting “Green Watch”

Piaget Blacktie

You can get a great feel for exactly what the watches look like here. I wish you could see the turbine spinning in action - it looks so cool. Nothing like wheel spinners 🙂 The finish in the turbine blades is a brushed polish, to give that an authentic aviation look. Like I said in my original review, the spinning turbines (that spin with the automatic rotor to wind the mechanical automatic movement) do not hinder the view of the hands which are nicely conspicuous. The naked titanium model is the easiest to read due to the high contrast of the hands. Each is covered in lume which is nice. The face of the watch as a nice deep feeling to it. You can look down into it and see all the layers. The periphery of the dial is sloped inward, and you can see the easy to view hour makers that make this more than simply a showy watch.

Casio Wave Ceptor WVA430J-1A Watch Review: Solar, Atomic, Simple Wrist Time Reviews

Rolex Explorer II

Rocking in at a solid 40mm diameter, the black PVD coated steel case is beyond anything I could have dreamed of for a hott women's watch. RSW offers the dial plates in black, grey, or white, depending on how much of a statement you are willing to make. I have only seen the black on black model, and so far that's enough for me. I'm in love.

Robert Lighton New York has had a line of nice watches for a while. Apparently that will cease to be the case as they are closing that side of the business (I blame poor marketing and distribution). Thus, they are closing out their inventory - and the sale is incredible with 55-75% off already fair retail prices. I was fortunate to learn about the sale from my friend at FratelloWatches, who learned about the sale before me. I don't know how many of the watches are left, but there is a nice selection to look from.

So far, this is one of my favorite Moonphase models for women. I'll leave all "lunar" lady allusions out of here, not the forum, but that thought always lurks in the back of my mind when I see women's moonphase timepieces.


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What It’s Like Being A Brand Ambassador For Maurice Lacroix Watches – Video

What It’s Like Being A Brand Ambassador For Maurice Lacroix Watches – Video

Ralf Tech WRX Perlage Dial Diving Watch Wrist Time Reviews

One thing that I said about the Chapter One watch that is still true with the Chapter Two is the fact that the watch is both function and luxury oriented. For example, look at the rear of the watch were the two buttons are located to change the day and month — they are simple looking buttons that actually are labeled. You don’t see a lot of that on luxury watches. The fact that they are quick set buttons actually helps too, as opposed to putting everything into the crown, making adjustment of the watch a pain. Then you have the face of the watch itself. Clean, yet decorated, and features that have an emphasis on telling the time. The big date complication is nicely integrated, and the lack of separation between the windows helps remind you that two discs, instead of one are involved in telling the date. Then there of course is the luxury, such as the six sapphire crystals all over the watch making it easy to read and easy to appreciate.