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For me the question is "when can you wear the watch?" The execution is good and I like the piece, but I am not sure what I would wear it with. New York fashion dudes would no doubt find something to wear this with, but can you pull it off with a t-shirt and jeans? Maybe. The strap is brown leather that looks a bit like bomber jacket leather. Very typical of the time period it is trying to emulate.  I believe the Tag Heuer Monza Automatic Chronograph Calibre 36 Re-Edition watch will cost about ,000 bucks, and should be available (starting in Switzerland) in June.

The Making Of Piaget Watches

The Making Of Piaget Watches

At The Maurice Lacroix Watch Manufacture  Inside the Manufacture

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Breitling Galactic

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See what I mean?

Anyway, this collection from the "down under" brand is called the Surf Watch. There is also a Yachting watch, and another type of watch I've never seen before made for wine bars. I don't think the wine bar has anything to do with wines or bars, but Bausele does claim that it "will never leave your wrist." I don't get why they would allude to a faulty strap buckle like that.

Longiness watches

New watch brand John Isaac Geneve is serving up some more than decent timepieces that play Frankenstein with some of your favorite brands. They seem to particularly like playing house with Patek Philippe and Franck Muller, though JeanRichard makes an entrance pretty often. The brand's debut collection features a range of pieces for both men and women. Their diver is called the Rough Sea and comes in three dial colors.

The 50s President's Watch is 42mm wide but feels larger. It comes with a steel or 18k rose gold case and there are currently five models. I love the retro looking domed dials and sunburst polished faces. For a traditional styled watch this piece is still quite masculine. The hands and applied hour markers are strong looking and the neat integration between the alligator strap and the case is appreciated. There is an additional sense of strength in the texture engraved into the side of the crown. Like an old acrylic crystal, the sapphire is domed. To match the style of the Vulcain "V" logo, there is a metal section through the sapphire display caseback of the same shape.

HM3 Frog Zr is a limited edition of 18 pieces

Jaeger LeCoultre

Anyone who is at all interested in watches knows the name - whether you call them JLC, Jaeger, or Jaeger-LeCoultre. It is even OK if you use the German or French pronunciation of “Jaeger.” The brand itself is a marriage of two brands (Jaeger and LeCoultre) which came together years ago. Since the early-mid 1900th century they have been making watches in Le Sentier, and are one of the largest operations in the area today.

This watch was never intended for retail sale, but somehow was sold to the public. Apparently these models mostly had Vacheron Constantin movements in them, but Movado may have later included manually wound Movado movements if they were to be sold through a retail store. The piece itself is 33mm wide in 18k white gold with that iconic face - you can see the auction page to read more.

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As I discussed in my earlier article on the Gerald Genta version, the watch was created to have optimal sound - it was pretty impressive, I have to say - but for that you want to stick with the titanium model. The case is large, but not insanely so, at 46mm wide (wider with the crown and such).

Balance spring: traditional Breguet curve terminating in mobile stud holder

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Last year's attempt at making hot selling watches in China was to reduce diameter sizes. There are other reasons for this aside from perceived Asian tastes - such as cost cutting and the popularity of vintage timepieces - but it was generally agreed that small watches were made primarily to pacify the hungry Chinese watch market. The brands then turned on the hype machines to "educate" and persuade fashion writers that "small watches were now in fashion." To a large degree they succeeded, and the well-dressed elite in New York followed suit penning that a real man wears a "reasonably sized watch." I disagreed with their definition of what a reasonable size was.

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Rolex Sea Dweller

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 41mm Selfwinding & Chronograph Watches Hands-On Hands-On

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Linde Werdelin The Perfect V Comic Issue 2

Linde Werdelin The Perfect V Comic Issue 2

In today’s watch market, buyers are spoiled for choice. You can have any variation, any function, any material, and in any price category. And within each category you will find dozens of brands offering competing products. It’s overwhelming, but it means you will never be at a loss when looking for that special watch (or five).

Tudor Rose

"Diastar" has been hipped down to "D-Star," which is supposed to make the collection sound more cool. The slightly oval, oblong case is much like the original, but the sporty dial and subtle nature of the watch are a modern treat. In fact, this is probably an easy watch to brush off at first glance as being nothing special. Wear it on the wrist for a while and a design like this will quickly grow on you. The case is in black ceramic... in pure Rado style. Here done in a matte finish. The case is 42mm wide and water resistant to 100 meters.

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Fasteners                                             Polished and bevelled heads, rounded and polished ends
Steel parts                                            Satin-finished, bevelled, with drawn rims

Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo Watch Review

Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo Watch Review

"I say timepieces and not watches if for no other reason than the always iconoclastic Ikepod is presenting an hourglass (lot #23) for 2011! It's a limited edition of one (see non-limited flavor). It's fantastic. Something a little different from one of my favorite brands. The "Wish Price" for this item is 15,000 - 25,000. Compared to the other items in this auction the hourglass is a steal. And you'll never need to get it serviced as long as you never drop it."