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Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 45th Anniversary 311.

We've never covered a Wenger watch before, but with the introduction of the AeroGraph Countdown Chrono at Basel this year, with it's interesting combination of style and functionality, we figured it was finally time.

Another Tiffany & Co. Streamerica Watch, This Time Black On Black, Available Now

Another Tiffany & Co. Streamerica Watch, This Time Black On Black, Available Now

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Introduction To Doxa: Distinctive Professional Dive Watches By Feature Articles
DOXA huge Anti Magnetic 1905 pocket watch
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Introduction To Doxa: Distinctive Professional Dive Watches By Feature Articles
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Building An Internet-Based Business: Figuring Out How to Handle Customer/Client Data With A CRM

Building An Internet-Based Business: Figuring Out How to Handle Customer/Client Data With A CRM

Weekend Read - Speedmaster Event in London With Buzz Aldrin

There apparently was a time, a while ago, when pesky magnetic fields interfered with too many watches. Engineers and scientists who regularly experimented or worked around magnetic fields, large or mild could expect that their watches would experience a degree of unreliability, making them stop running or inaccurate. Engineers and scientists were not the only people effected by magnetism, and the issue was strong enough for watch companies to come up with a solution. This prompted a number of watch makers to develop anti-magnetic watches whose movements would be unaffected by even the strongest magnetic fields.

Image Of A Watch Czar: Swatch Group's Nicolas Hayek With His Wares Feature Articles

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Japanese Watches Test Marketable Features Watch Industry News
Mens citizen automatic gold plated vintage day date japan wrist watch run order
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14 Signed Moonwatch Casebacks Telling The Story Of Gemini and Apollo Missions

The Primo 4 Musical is a manually wound mechanical watch with a musical twist. It has four disc with grooves underneath that play a bit like a cog in a music box. Each disc contains 10 seconds of music, one from each of these four works; Magic Flute by Mozart, the Canon by Pachelbel, the Hungarian Dances by Brahms and the Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Pressing one of the pushers activates a disc to rotate and melody be played.

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The four watches in the collection are named after the painting displayed on their face. They color of the watch body and strap was chosen by TechnoMarine to compliment the art on the dial. The four choices are:

How I Learned to Love the Speedmaster

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The second watch is also a Diagono, but this time with a full calendar, not the chronograph as mentioned before. The calendar does however feature retrograde hands for the day of the week and date. Included is also an innovative retrograde moonphase indicator (that could possibly, but not likely be a power reserve indicator). This Bvlgari calendar excels at symmetry, but isn't the most legible watch to come out of the house of Bvlgari. Regardless, it is a bold and stunning watch. I particularly like the integration of the brown leather strap into the unique Diagono lug design.

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Not to seem staid, Chopard also just released the Speed Black Chronograph. Part of the larger Mille Miglia Gran Turismo collection, this future racing watch takes styling cues from the existing line of the Gran Turismo watches, along with super expensive racing watches such as Richard Mille (average watch is about ,000). A while ago, I predicted that Swiss watches were going to start emulating the Japanese by using DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating on their watch cases. Companies like Ball, and now Chopard are fulfilling my prediction by using the sophisticated coating technique to add quality to their watches. DLC coating is a virtually unscratchable coating that adds a dark sheen to surfaces. Used for a few years of such watches as the Casio MR-G line, the Swiss waiting until it was a proven technique, and now they are emulating it. It goes without saying that the Chopard Speed Black Chronograph has a DLC coated case.

A good deal of thought goes into the design of most watches. The result must be a blend of attractive visual elements combined with the features necessary for the watch to adequately tell the time. There is no "correct" way to do this, but the skilled designer must take take both the concept of form and function seriously. A watch falling too far to either extreme can be devoid of appeal.

Little did Breguet know that they would actually be able to compare the Grand Complication Ref. 1160 with the original Marie Antoinette watch. Recently, in November of 2007, the Queen Marie Antoinette Breguet pocket watch mysteriously reappeared. A watch maker in Tel Aviv Israel came across the watch while purchasing a lot of goods. He had no idea it would be in there, but recognized it as it was stolen in Jerusalem which was less than a 2 hour drive away back in 1983. The movements and location of the watch after it was stolen are still a mystery. I could have been that the notoriety of the pocket watch made it too hard to sell, even on the black market. No one really knows. Regardless, with the original Marine Antoinette Breguet watch recovered, Breguet could now compare the original with the replica.

IWC Portofino Replica Watch Available On James List

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One area of the complication that confuses me a bit is the chiming function. The chiming function is known as a minute repeater. A minute repeater is a watch that chiming upon the pressing of a button or performing some mechanical action to the watch. Alternatively, the most sophisticated version is a sonnerie, which is a watch that chimes in accordance with specific time intervals. Such as every hour, or every 15 minutes. The Citizen Campanola Grand Complication will tell you the time when you operate this minute repeater function. You press a button and a little song of chimes is played. These chimes come in two forms, and when interpreted, will tell you what time it is. The problem is that reading the chimes requires one to count and remember how to read them. Honestly, I learned when I first received the watch and have forgotten since. The quality and sound of the chimes themselves are beautiful, and likely to be equal to those of a mechanical minute repeater that uses actual hammers and gongs in the housing of the watch. The Citizen Campanola Grand Complication emulates these sounds perfectly and does so to “repeat” what the time is. Again, I can understand a bit of why Citizen chose to do this, and it is likely to do with power requirements. The watch uses a battery, like most quartz watches. If the watch were to chime all the time, it would likely deplete the battery life much more quickly. Alternatively, allowing the user to choose when the watch chimes, will lengthen the battery life. The only change I would make is to ensure that when the watch chimes, it is not a mathematical endeavor in figuring out what time it is. Still, thought did go into this and I realize the usefulness of the codes. Imagine for a moment if the watch was to indicate "9:58" in chimes. Having to make sound indicators for each number would take 20 seconds or more. 9 chimes for 9 o'clock, then another 58 chimes for 58 minutes? Think about this for a minute and realize what would go into such a function. No one would be able to keep count of what time it is. Instead the code will chime indicating intervals of 15 minute increments and such. While, the inclusion and operation of the chiming function can be debated, it is a nice feature to have, and showing your friends how it works always impressed. Displaying the watch and saying "listen to this," always yields a positive response.

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IWC Vintage Aquatimer Watch Looks Classic Good, Reminds You Of When Diving Was Not As Safe

IWC Vintage Aquatimer Watch Looks Classic Good, Reminds You Of When Diving Was Not As Safe


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Flashlight With The Spirit Of A Fine Watch: The Lumencraft GatLight V3 Titanium

Flashlight With The Spirit Of A Fine Watch: The Lumencraft GatLight V3 Titanium

This particular watch has an automatic ETA 2893-2 movement, that includes the GMT complication. The dedicated GMT 24 hour hand is nicely done with a large red arrow providing nice visibility, without being too distracting. Actually, this is one of the clearest GMT diving watches I have seen.

The Rolex is the most expensive watch on this list (,000-,000 depending on metals used) and does the least, but you get to know you’ve got a Rolex when you are living the spartan life eating coconuts and roots. Instantly recognizable for what it is, the Rolex GMT Master II takes the classic Rolex Submariner watch and adds a GMT hand for a second time zone, and gold if you are lucky (even the hands are made of white gold, if you can tell). You can use the rotating bezel to measure times of up to an hour, and it can take you deep underwater with is admirable depth rating (Rolex did invent the water resistant Oyster case). The bezel is now made of ultra-hard ceramic to ensure no scratches, this watch is sure to take a beating an still look good if you manage to build a bar or lounge out of washed up debris. This watch is for the confidant castaway. When you don’t think you need the functions the other watches provide, and wish to tell stories upon your (hoped) rescue of how it was just you and "the Rolex" out there battling the elements. You can always trade it for safe passage back to civilization on a passing ship. Keep one in your luggage at all times.

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Zenith Watches: From Movement Maker To Outstanding Manufacture

Zenith Watches: From Movement Maker To Outstanding Manufacture

The size of the watch is 46mm, and over 16mm thick. On the back you'll find an exhibition window, which reduces the water resistance to 200m from 300m. Pretty standard. This is a large size watch. Which I like. Lastly you will see the new strap options. The original Below Zero has a rubber strap, but nicely stitched leather straps with the same hexagonal screws are used for the chronograph models. Overall, the Below Zero is a good value at about 00 retail. You are likely to find it for a fair amount less, which is good for a nice looking watch like this that seems to combine diver, military, and pilot watches, retain its own sense of character.

The initial price for the Eterna Kontiki that I read about really discouraged me. 10 grand?! Really?! That is expensive, and up there in Rolex Seadweller and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms territory, which are great watches, but I mostly like something that I know is rock solid and only enthusiasts can really appreciate. For Rolex you pay a lot for the name. That should not be an issue with Eterna at this time. I am pleased to say that is looks like street prices for the Eterna KonTiki Diver watch are closer to ,000. Which is by no means cheap, but a "fair" price for this type of quality and engineering.

Tag Heuer Link Watch Model WT1112.BA0550 Review: The Appeal Seriously Grows On You Wrist Time Reviews
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Oris Regulateur "Der Meistertaucher" - Big Is Beautiful Watch Releases The polls have been counted, the results are in and the verdict...size matters! Well, at least underwater, according to Oris. The swiss watchmaker, well known for producing high quality yet at the same time surprisingly affordable diving watches, has just released its new diving watch, and its the largest ever! At 49mm the Regulateur "Der Meistertaucher" is no delicate timepiece, but then again, one would generally not consider diving a particularly delicate pursuit either. However, one must really wonder at the practicality of a watch this size out of the water. Granted it's certain to make an impression wherever it is worn but whether said impression is favourable or not really depends on the interpretation of the wearer.

My favorite model is the k10, as it is the most traditional diver of all the models I have seen, though it does not have a seconds hand. The red number indexes are charming, and nicely compliments the red trim on the case underneath the bezel. One thing I just don't get is the odd large branding of "k10" and "Sports Activity Watch." Why is this at all necessary? "Sports Activity Watch" is about the cheesiest thing a luxury watch company could place on the face of a watch that is easily ,000. All the watches are pricey, but you get a great watch and luxury toy to tote around. Overall my appreciation for these watches is high as a high-end watch that can be worn everyday for those who can afford it. Until then, I will appreciate them from afar.

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New Jorg Hysek X-Ray Perpetual Calendar Leaves Me Luke Warm Watch Releases In the watch making world, Jorg Hysek is a bit of a celebrity, having a large number of famous watches under his design belt. Notable are the Tiffany & Co. Streamerica and the Patek Philippe Nautilus. A few years ago he started his own brand (aptly named), with a number of novel watch designs (along with pens). The Abyss model is probably the most popular watch from the Jorg Hysek, but there are also other models such as the X-Ray.

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Eterna KonTiki Diver Watch Available: Be One Of The First To Own One

Eterna KonTiki Diver Watch Available: Be One Of The First To Own One

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