Watch Winner Follow-Up: Egard Shade Black

Watch Winner Follow-Up: Egard Shade Black

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In the very beginning stages of mechanical timekeeping, the great, great, great, great grandfathers of modern day watches were clock makers. They were challenged and tasked to not only create mechanical contraptions that told time, but also to solve the problem of an energy source to drive the timing device. This was cleverly achieved by a system of weights and pulleys, which was basically harnessing gravity.

While the watch comes standard on a brown leather strap, they're also including a black strap (with red stitching) that's a call back to the straps we were seeing from the brand a few years ago, something I'm glad to see make its way back into the lineup. And what would you expect to pay for all of this? But wait, there's more! The Leoncino comes in their new signature case (which includes a nice travel wallet) as well.

Citizen, like its competitor Seiko, has struggled in markets outside of Japan when it comes to offering higher-end products which cost more than the few hundred dollars most people are comfortable spending on a Japanese timepiece. This is why brands like Toyota label their higher-end products "Lexus" outside of Japan. With that said, enthusiasts like us (and many of our audience members) known that despite confusing branding, Citizen and Seiko make some amazingly high-value, higher-end timepieces. Seiko's Grand Seiko is a solid enthusiast favorite, and Citizen has its own collection of products in the ,000 plus range which are totally worth your money.

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