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It was back in 1990 when Junghans came up with their first radio-controlled watch, and just three years later incorporated solar recharging. For their latest iteration, they've got a series of watches that can sync around the world (with American, German, and Japanese transmitters) and offer a 21-month stand-by capability.

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JR: Buying new watches purely as an investment is relatively risky. You should buy what you love and learn as much as possible about your watches, so that you can make educated decisions when and if you need to sell. I see so many people buying so called limited editions from various brands, convinced these watches will double in value immediately. This is simply not the case.

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Minus-8 Layer Automatic

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Minus-8 Layer Automatic

What you need to know about Jackie as a watch guy is that he most certainly is one. In his opinion, "Rolex is the best" - a notion he formed early in is life, and his perception has remained quite solid since buying his first Rolex in 1966, which was a Day-Date in gold on a President bracelet. He purchased it after winning a major race, and to Jackie it was his way of feeling that he "made it." This purchase was of course prior to him working with Rolex. It goes without saying that Jackie has quite the selection of Rolex watches today after having been intimately connected with the company for so long, and he wears each of them with an impressive degree of fashionability and respect for the nature of the timepieces.

I may have mentioned this in the past, but I really like the idea of thin dive watches (even though I rather ironically also like the idea of very thick dive watches). At 42mm wide and 11mm thick, the Calibre Diver wears very nicely on the wrist with an admirable width and a very svelte profile for a dive watches.


About a day of battery life is what you should be able to expect from the Apple Watch. While Apple hasn't outright said it yet, pulling together various statements they have made, as well as direct statements made to me, I am positive you will need to charge your Apple Watch at least once a day. Interestingly enough, the prototype operating system of the Apple Watch I saw didn't have a battery indicator on it yet. I am not even totally sure how Apple will display this information, even though there is a "power reserve indicator" on some of the watch dials they debuted.

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On the plus side, each new connected watch that Samsung releases appears to be an improvement on the last generation. Samsung's latest watch is the Gear S, which is due out in October 2014, and on the surface, it looks like a dream product. The laundry list of features and promises is impressive, but we will see if Samsung can deliver on its new uber-smart watch when it comes to performance and reliability. Battery life is claimed at a scant 2 days per charge, so expect less than that with normal (heavy) use.

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Here, we could note that the absolute majority of other carbon cased watches are manufactured not in Asia but rather in Switzerland – and while that certainly matters a lot when it comes to production costs, it arguably does not make up for the 30-60 times price difference between the ITAnano Phantom Carbon Automatic 49 and its Swiss counterparts.

Even though the Genequand System uses less power than traditional mechanical movements, it operates faster. A standard 4Hz Swiss movement operates at 28,800 bph, while the Genequand System balance wheel operates at 86,400 bph (beats/vibrations per hour). The system is made up of three essential parts, and those include the isochronism compensator, Wittrick oscillator, and pallets. The entire system appears to be more or less lubrication free, and is mostly produced from precision-cut silicon. The team to produce it at Vaucher and CSEM consisted of at least 20 people.

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Viewed from the top or the sides, the new Parmigiani Bugatti Mythe carries on the tradition of the Bugatti Type 370 of offering a lovely view into the movement through the sapphire crystal windows. From the top of the watch, you can seen the power reserve indicator and a movement that is impressively complex for one that more-or-less just indicates the hours and minutes.

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If you don't know what a flyback chronograph is, the answer is very simple. Whereas in a traditional chronograph, you need to first stop the running chronograph before resetting it, with a flyback chronograph you can hit the reset pusher while the chronograph is running to start it again. I have yet to be in a situation where this is necessary, but I'm not timing races or whatnot. All movements in the 880P movement family have a flyback complication, but the 883P sheds the automatic rotor, as it is manually wound, and about a millimeter of thickness in the process. The in-house made movement is comprised of a lean 240 parts, operating at 3Hz (21,600 bph), and has a power reserve of 50 hours.

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Available on a steel bracelet or leather strap (standard pin buckle) at a price of around ,700 (we are awaiting the official number), the Ball Engineer Master II Slide Chronograph is definitely an extension of the innovation we have been seeing from the brand in the last year or so. And for chronograph fans, well, it is giving you a design you have never had before. ballwatchusa.com

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Ultimately, it was this moment that gave them – and many other players in the industry – the final push to start working on an in-house movement. Developing a new movement and putting it into production unquestionably is among the greatest a challenges for any watch brand – with the smaller ones, like Habring2, having to tackle issues related to limited funding as well. Nevertheless, in 2011, the development of the A11 movement finally commenced, and about three years later, we are seeing that work come to fruition.

- Main body: Domed shell in aluminum
- Matte sections: lacquered
- Gloss sections: White UV-resistant lacquer or black lacquer depending on version
- Central disc on top: nickel-plated brass
- Landing gear: Bead-blasted and lacquered aluminum or black depending on version
- Internal soundboard by JMC Lutherie: 350-year-old resonance spruce wood membranes
sandwiching a Nomex® honeycomb and carbon-fibre bar

Of course, some people are simply going to hate the large indicator arc on the side of the watch. I mean it does detract from the sheer elegance of the design, but there are plenty of other more simple Seiko or other watches that don't have that feature. Having a Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive movement is about the love of interacting with your watch - similar to the pleasure many people have with their mechanical watches. Only in a Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive, you have all the accuracy and reliability of a quartz movement. The specific movement inside of the Seiko Sportura Kinetic Direct Drive is the caliber 5D22. The next move up from a Kinetic Direct Drive movement would be one of the thermo-compensated Seiko quartz movements (found in some of their high-end divers and Grand Seiko models), and then Spring Drive. Of course this is in the scope of quartz crystal regulated movements.