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3.  Girard-Perregaux Chrono Hawk

We did bring you news a little bit ago about Girard-Perregaux's recently released watch celebrating the movies, their Hollywoodland Chrono Hawk (here), which was part of the brand's focus on Hollywood. While that is obviously a very modern crossover, this new book actually delves into the history of the industries, and how we might see them overlap. For example, take a look at this image (below). This is actually a rare peek into the book that we've been given the green light to show to you, our readers. Go ahead, read through that text - it gives you a sense of what the book is all about.

New Girard-Perregaux Book Brings Watches To The Movies Book Reviews
Book Preface

If you like the classic, iconic look of Breguet then you'll feel very warm wearing the 7727. The 41mm wide case is 100% Breguet DNA with its coined (fluted) siding, and simple lugs. As I've said in the past, the 7727 is actually quite thin. It is 9.65mm thick, but I swear it feels thinner. With a thin bezel, that width and thickness made for a really well-wearing watch. Breguet Classique watches can be on the smaller side, so this 41mm wide size is great in my opinion.

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There are two types of luxury watch brands today when it comes to a history of value. There are some brands which ascended to a luxury position after being a tool or instrument watchmaker for many years. This often occurs when their products or technology is technically outdated, but there is still a high-level of appreciation for their products. So to remain in business, these companies reduce production, ideally increase quality, and sell their items as enthusiast products. This is the case for many of today's luxury watches brands. The quartz watch revolution forced them to go up, or get out.

I quite like what they did with the case design. They could have gone with a simple polished case, and no one would have complained. Instead they have a complex mix of polished, brushed etchings and a milled mid-case groove. There's some confidence and panache going on here, and I like it.

Marvin Origin M125 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews
Marvin Origin M125, crown

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Chronograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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Sebastien Chaulmontet: I had been searching for years for a vintage Angelus Chrono-datoluxe, the first ever chronograph with a big date.

Wrist feel is excellent and aside from the Ar system on the side of the case, you could almost mistake the 144 Jubilee for new old stock of the original 144, which was produced for many years and is occasionally found used on enthusiast forums. The bracelet feels great and tapers nicely from the 22 mm lugs.

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I have a theory that I would like to test regarding the importance of watch hands in the world's most popular watches. As many regular aBlogtoWatch readers know, I am particularly attentive to the design and construction of the hands on a watch's face. I believe hands to be the most important element of a watch dial, and my theory is that if you were able to take the hands off the faces of the most popular and well-designed watches, you would still be able to recognize them with ease.

The 2014 Christophe Claret X-Trem-1 Chocolate will likely also be part of a limited edition. The original X-Trem-1 models were part of a set of only eight pieces. The brown "chocolate" coated titanium mixes nicely with the 18k red gold accents for a warm watch that in many ways allows the highly avant garde nature of the X-Trem-1 to be a bit more approachable. Since the X-Trem-1 first came out Christophe Claret has only released round-cased watches, but I am hoping that the future will see more interesting stuff such as this from the modern high-end exclusive watch maker. Price for the Christophe Claret X-Trem-1 Chocolate watch is 8,000.

Christopher Ward C9 Harrison 5-Day Automatic Watch Review & Debut

Christopher Ward C9 Harrison 5-Day Automatic Watch Review & Debut

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The topic of what one does for a living is a natural query in social conversation and few people respond with the answer of "I write about watches" (or whatever description I feel to offer at the moment of what I feel is a less than straightforward career path without a clear title). There just aren't that many of us around. In fact, perhaps our regular followers might be better equipped to properly define the nature of a person's job who runs a site on watches and engages in activity related to that for a living.

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What is your opinion regarding the new entry level hacking and handwinding Japanese automatic movements from Seiko (4R35B or NH35A) and Citizen (Miyota 9015) compared to the Swiss ETA 2824? Obviously, the ETA movement is a proven reliable and accurate movement, but the initial reviews of the Seiko and Citizen movements are also very reliable and accurate but at a much lower price.

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Blancpain L-Evolution Chronographe Flyback Grande Date Watch With Lamborghini Aventador: Review Wrist Time Reviews

New for the collection, is a inner rotating bezel that is operated by the outer bezel. Very few brands have succeeded in this feature, so while IWC isn't the first to do it, they are among the few. Perhaps the most successful watch to do it was the ill-fated (but awesome) Eterna KonTiki Diver. This watch was later transformed into the Porsche Design P'6780 Diver after Porsche Design was able to actually sell them... but that is another story. If you don't understand this feature, it is simple. Like most normal dive watches you turn the rotating bezel to adjust a 60 minute timing scale. Only here the timing scale is represented on the inner bezel. What is so challenging is to design this and retain water resistance. One company that tried and eventually failed in their retail version of the watch was Romain Jerome with the Octopus Diver (prototype). In the final version of the RJ Octopus they had to use a second crown to turn the inner bezel.

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So, when my watch company’s Facebook page, Rpaige Watch Co., reached 5,000 likes, I decided that it would interesting and fun to celebrate the milestone by having my Facebook followers, and visitors, collectively design one of my watches...then auction it off.

Kairos Smartwatch Blends Mechanical Watch With Technology Watch Releases

Even to someone like me who doesn't recognize it as Dr. Who, I really like the dial design and how it incorporates OWC. Reminds me of the Nazca Lines. Very striking.

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On the main handset, these reach precisely to their appropriate time track, and the chronograph seconds looks like it heads right to the edge of the case. Their shape is a classic style which helps present a more upscale look. This proportion and sizing is also evident in the sub dials, which I truly appreciate. When you see a completely different hand style showing up on those dials, or hands that don't touch the edge of the register, it throws off the overall look and feel. Thankfully for us, Baume & Mercier avoided that trap, and has a cohesive dial design.

Why shape a balance wheel like a cylinder, versus making it flat? It is about accuracy, as I believe these more space-consuming balance wheels are more accurate–at least, that is their historical use. Inside the watch, seeing the cylindrical balance wheel beat inside the deep tourbillon cavity is impressive and beautiful. Every lover of mechanical watches should experience seeing something like this at least once.

Rolex Cellini Dual Time Watch For 2014 Hands-On Hands-On

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In March of 2014 at Baselworld, Bulova will introduce a brand new collection of Manchester United club-branded timepieces in honor of the relationship. The watches will be in steel, titanium, and also include a solid 18k gold series. The original contract between Bulova and Manchester United is for three years, but could last much longer. Bulova promises that the next few years will be among the strongest the brand has had in a while, thanks to strong sales and a range of exciting new watches that will be released.

For example, the Armin Strom Gravity Air has a titanium case, the Water, a steel case; the Earth, a PVD black steel case; and the Fire has an 18k rose gold case. At just over 43mm wide and 13mm thick, the case is hefty but not massive. The case has a fresh but simple look to it that frames the dial properly. People often ask about the "lip" on the lower part of the case. What they are looking at is actually a space intended for a unique engraving. Armin Strom recommends that buyers opt to have their initials placed there. It isn't that they are trying to prevent resale, but rather they feel that it is part of their particular buying experience, just like getting a shirt with your initials embroidered into the sleeves.

Geneva Seal: We are known for our extensive collection of Roger Dubuis, Breitling, and Bell & Ross timepieces. Breitling's tough and rugged style, with a sense of tailored elegance epitomizes Chicago.

What’s The Deal With Big Watch Sizes? The Large Timepiece Explained

What’s The Deal With Big Watch Sizes? The Large Timepiece Explained