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If you are familiar with the basic internal workings of a watch, you will know that the hairspring is the fine spiral or helical torsion spring used to control the rate of oscillation of the balance wheel. This thin bit of wire can literally be thought of as the heart of a mechanical watch, and its importance is in the fact that it reverses the direction of the balance wheel causing the back and forth oscillation that regulates the rate of power used and thus the timekeeping.  Now, removing all that and replacing it with this all new magnetic pendulum is unprecedented and certainly a horological landmark. This TAG Heuer isn't quite ready for mainstream consumption, but it is getting there and it is good enough for application in special limited pieces such as this.

Raven 44mm Deep Diver's Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Patek Philippe will offer the Ref. 5227 in an either 18k white, rose, or yellow gold cases. Attached to the watch is a brown alligator strap and yes, it is rather comfortable. So let’s talk tech; inside the ref. 5227 is a Patek Philippe in-house made caliber 324 S C automatic movement. You have to understand that with a date complication and automatic winding, Patek Philippe intends for this watch to be not a once-in-a-while piece, but something you wear regularly. The 213 parts movement has a power reserve of about two days and includes some of Patek Philippe’s more modern features such as their Gyromax balance wheel and their Spiromax hairspring that is made of Silinvar. That represents the trio of high performance elements you probably want in a modern Patek Philippe. Kudos to Patek Philippe for actually communicating the average rate results of the 324 S C movement right in the press release (this is an extremely rare move for watch brands). Running at 4Hz, Patek claims a very impressive average rate of plus 3 to minus 2 seconds a day (according to their own rather rigorous testing). Bravo on that Mr. Stern.

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In the fourth edition of our bi-weekly news roundup, we interview Hublot’s Jean-Claude Biver; check out George Daniel’s co-axial chronograph watch; examine the implications of the new “Swiss Made” ruling; learn about the finishing technique of beveling and more.

In terms of functionality, the La Clemence includes a tourbillon, minute repeater, time, and something.... else. The last feature is a whimsical complication that Yvan himself refers to as "crazy hands." Because the watch includes a minute repeater and tourbillon, you know it is a high-value item for sure. On top of that, Spero Lucem wanted to add a "smile inducer" it seems. While we have no complaints about the minute repeater and tourbillon (they  work marvellously), they have been done many times before. Where is the value proposition of having yet another 0,000 plus minute repeater tourbillon? So, in the case of the La Clemence watch, a new complication was designed. Here is how it works: when the minute repeater is operating, the hands on the eccentric dial that tell the time will move around the dial wildly. When the minute repeater is finished chiming, the hands return to their original position indicating the time. Simple, perhaps silly, but nevertheless satisfying.

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A few years later, Baume et Mercier began to change. The brand started to produce solely elegant watches after models like the Capeland, Riviera, and Hampton stopped being part of the collection. Instead, we saw things like the Classima and William Baume ranges. The name of the brand also changed from "Baume et Mercier" to the English "Baume & Mercier," though the website still bears the older name. We then saw the return of the Hampton collection into something still square but more dressy, and finally a new version of the Capeland.

Baselworld 2013 - Through the Eyes of a First-Timer Shows & Events

Customers Race to Save on Brands from Invicta and Swiss Legend at the World of Watches Daytona 500 Sale

At Baselworld 2013 we sat down with CEO Patrik Hoffman of Ulysse Nardin to discuss their new watches and increasing developments to produce in-house movements for all of their watches. New for 2013 is an in-house made chronograph movement, as well as some surprisingly beautiful high-end pieces. See our video with Mr. Hoffman and look out for coverage of new Ulysse Nardin watches soon.

The past decade has seen a dramatic uptick (pun intended) in impressive horological innovations.  From constant-force escapements to hydro-mechanical movements, mind-blowing complications are the name of the game.  And, like timepiece enthusiasts everywhere, I get giddy with excitement learning about each new breakthrough as they are revealed- generally in grand fashion - by manufacturers.

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Thanks for being a loyal reader, Zachary. We all had to start somewhere and most of us got into watches from a young age when we had very little disposable income. The good news is that there are a lot of great mechanical watches in the ,000 and under range. Many of us have spend countless hours on eBay bidding on watches at prices we could afford. Of course, we always like to recommend Seiko mechanical watches as someone's first mechanical timepiece. We did a review of the new Seiko Monster watch here, which is a great option. There are others of course such as a Seiko 5. Citizen is also starting to offer a few more mechanical watches, and we also like Japanese Orient. On the Swiss side there is Tissot, Swiss Army Victorinox, and Hamilton to look at. We also like products from Christopher Ward when it comes to getting an entry-level mechanical timepiece from a major brand.

As far as the connection between tattoos and sailing goes, everything makes sense. But how does watchmaking blend in? I feel that Romain Jerome has already successfully proven its abilities in creating watches that are able to carry its wearer's thoughts far away from the present . The idea is to go below the surface, to see the inside of our lovely planet, to fly you to the surface of the Moon, or to re-think everything the Titanic was meant to be or could have been. The basic goal is no different this time around either, it is to catch one's imagination.

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After wearing the Raven 44mm Deep for a couple of weeks, I can report that I rather like it, it is not a clone nor would it pass as a specific Rolex if you changed the name on the dial. The Raven 44mm Deep really is a modern and full sized spin on the MilSub and it offers something that Rolex does not and for a price that is more than competitive. While my stance on Sub clones and homages is at best apathetic, the Raven 44mm Deep does make an intriguing case for a watch that emulates some elements, such as the dial design, while still trying to offer something different in the product as a whole. If, like me, you have trouble wearing a large and rather heavy diver as a day-to-day piece, sit tight as Raven is planning a 42mm iteration of the Deep series seen here.

We sell between 200 and 250 watches/year. But if this number has been pretty stable for two to three years, our average price has increased through the development of the TNT collection among others. We aim to double the production within the next few years by following the strategy we have redesigned (see point 2 above). We are not keen on “nuclear plant” complications, due to the fact that, based on the family background and its 112 years of experience, we consider the reliability and the after sales service as essential. To make a talking piece is nice for communication. But to make it work and to be able to service it within the next 20 years is another story. And we want to be able to write this story! If you look at our 2012 catalogue, you will read several times “Genetically”; PDR makes watches based on the skills and the experience of a fourth generation family story. Nevertheless we always push for making evolution in technique, in the use of materials and in design. Rolex is a benchmark in the development and manufacturing processes. But as far as we are talking about developing new complications or the aesthetic of our watches, we have other benchmarks.

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Baselworld 2013: Casio’s Newest G-Shock Gravity Defier Aviator Watches

Baselworld 2013: Casio’s Newest G-Shock Gravity Defier Aviator Watches

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Necessary Data
>Brand: Glam Rock
>Model: SoBe Tachymeter 44mm
>Price: 5
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Maybe
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: Seasoned watch lovers will yearn for more, but it makes for a eye-catching piece for those with modest budgets or who just don't feel the need for anything high-end or mechanical. A decently exciting watch for "everyone else."
>Worst characteristic of watch: Interchangeable bezel system is slick but bezels other than the stock unit feel ill-designed for the watch's design.
>Best characteristic of watch: Not a "me too" fashion watch but is familiar enough to satisfy a lot of lay folk.

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Necessary Data
>Brand: Victorinox Swiss Army
>Model: Night Vision
>Price: 5
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: Button-up shirt and pants guy who happens to lose stuff in the dark a lot.
>Best characteristic of watch: Well made for the money and the light features are not well-conceived, but actually quite useful.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Recalling all the light functions requires a study of the manual - a bit more sporty looks would not have hurt.

Time Timer Is The Most Straight-Forward Timing Watch Ever

Time Timer Is The Most Straight-Forward Timing Watch Ever

The story of course begins with Jack Heuer, famed former CEO of TAG Heuer and legacy to the family. Now retired, Jack Heuer still serves an honorary role at TAG Heuer, and was with the brand at the time when the Carrera model was first released. Last year, on the occasion of Jack's 80th birthday, TAG Heuer released a limited edition Carrera Jack Heuer 80 watch (hands-on with Heuer interview) as a set of 3000 pieces. The attractive retro looking watch was a pretty big sales success, and enough of a hit to merit a follow-up piece a year later. The two Jack Heuer watches are thematically similar, and both equally attractive. Though his birthday model celebrates history while the Calibre 1887 model celebrates where TAG Heuer is today.

I wondered whether Eric thinks the route he took into watches, while circuitous, has helped him at all. He explained: “Oh yeah. In architecture there’s the structural art, the inside, outside, transparency. It’s amazing, but the reflection (in watch design) is the same for me.

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It wasn't until I was 18 years old did I invest in my first analog watch. It was a quartz Citizen Promaster chronograph with a metallic red dial (and I've never seen another watch like it since). Moving up from a plastic Casio G-Shock to this steel timepiece made me feel extra sophisticated - though I could barely read the time at first. What reason did I have to be comfortable with analog dials? My computer, phone, car, and alarm clock were all digital. It seemed as though I pretty much bypassed the analog generation.

As a lover of the simplicity of straightforward non-complicated timepieces, I was intrigued when I was invited to check out the new FP Journe Souverain Chronometre’ Optimum last week at their boutique on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  Here I was promised a glimpse at a true Haute timepiece simply dedicated to the most precise measurement of time.  Previous to my visit, I only had the basics of information regarding Journe.  I was certainly aware of the company’s unique identity as Switzerland’s only manufacturer in which its namesake was holding positions as owner, founder and (of course) watchmaker.  I was also aware of the story of the man behind it all – having famously decided to build a tourbillon in his first attempt at watchmaking, simply because he couldn’t afford to buy one for himself.  But I wasn’t prepared to be introduced to a timepiece – and a man – so engrained in the realm of haute horology mystique, that it actually made sense to me on such a basic level.