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Speaking that way would sort of mis-characterize Enrico if you didn't know him that well. A more soft-spoken person, he is much more humble than these designs might suggest given their loud styling. While the design of CT Scuderia watches is based on the clever inclusion of a stopwatch into the case, the brand's personality aims to be more about motorsports and motorcycling.

I've been thinking about these questions a lot, and they led me to further inquire about the types of people who don't just buy watches from small brands, but also the people who actually start them. You need to have a seriously high level of patience, dedication, and passion for design to actually go out there, defy the odds, and start your own watch brand. People do it many times a year, and here at aBlogtoWatch we get to hear from many of them. One such small brand born out of some mix of passion and dissatisfaction is Individual Design by Mr. Mark Carson from Hawaii.

While I am not going to get into the math, the design of the caliber UN 106 is such that the celestial indicators are extremely accurate. The moonphase indicator only requires adjustment each 120 years. Oechslin is a known stickler for this type of accuracy. Of course the watch needs to remain running for all this to function. So Ulysse Nardin sells it with a watch winder case. I also like that the dial is practically a lesson in basic elements of how the earth, sun, and moon work together. You can not only see the phase of the moon, but the phase of the moon as it relates to its position in context with the sun. Thus, the moon not only revolves around the earth, but it also changes phases, which of course is related to its position relative to available sunlight. The concept brings a serious smile to my face. Ulysse Nardin includes a rather straight forward instruction manual on how to set the watch - which can pretty easily be done by a non-trained owner. First, they include a chart of full moon times so that when setting the moon phase you know what time precisely it will be full. Second, there is a very thorough Moonstruck instruction manual that details how to use and set the watch. It is impressively comprehensive.

Case Stainless steel 316L, 3 pieces, sapphire crystal, screwed case back, engraved serial number, water resistant up to a pressure of 5 bar (50 m / 165 ft).

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Military and other professional wearers are probably best advised to stick with Casio's totally digital offerings due to the ease of operation, very good darkness viewing, and easy-to- read displays. Those looking for a less instrument-like (or less nerdy) G-Shock will swoon to offerings such as this very well made G-Shock Aviation GWA1000-A1. Even though it is 54.1mm wide, it feels as though it wears smaller, especially as the case is quite light. Casio is getting everything right in the visual design and tactile experience department. They just need to marry that with the solid reliability and wonderful thoughtfulness they are known for in the functionality department. This isn't an oversight, but more a progression as Casio pushes to combine its legendary digital design with an analog display. Once again, there are always sacrifices to be made for style. Price for the Casio G-Shock Aviation GW-A1000 is 0.

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The Big Pilot watch is one of IWC's staple, namely the reference 5009 which comes in a steel case and is a tad bit smaller at 46mm wide. For 2012 IWC released the reference 5019 (IW501901) Big Pilot as part of the Top Gun collection of watches. This 5019 version is a bit larger at 48mm wide, which as far as I can tell is due to the case itself being a bit broader on the sides. The dials of the two watches are very similar. One thing that a lot of fans like is the new ceramic case for the Big Pilot - which was previously more or less seen in the chronograph versions. The color is not quite black, but closer to a dark gray and offered in a matte finish. It is rather handsome in a military sort of way - and the black look of the case goes well with the dial.

There was something very cool about the attitude that Swatch embodied, and as a young boy whose only other option was a Casio or Seiko, everything by Swatch was instantly elevated to something special. Of course, I grew up and Swatch was resolutely forgotten in favor of more sober watches in more traditional colors. The bright and sometimes gaudy designs of Swatch were put away.

From what I can tell the Type XX watch was produced by Breguet (and others) into the 1970s, and seemingly used for a while after that. In the 1990s Breguet re-released the designs as the Type XX Transatlantique and Type XX Aeronavale - both about 40mm wide. Later Breguet released the larger Type XXI (hands-on with a titanium model here) and more recently the Type XXII (hands-on here). In 2010 Breguet released a limited edition Type XX Aeronavale watch that was a beautiful nod to the original.

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The final round of testing was not only to measure the efficacy of the thrustograph, but to ensure that the complicated, manually wound tourbillon movement wouldn't suffer damage. Mille applauds the dedication of the R&D team at the brand. "I've never seen our people stay at work longer and or dedicate more hours to ensure a watch is perfect by the time it hits market." A testament to the Swiss work ethic,  sometimes entire days would be dedicated to field testing the functionality as well as dependability of the Thrustograph Tourbillon. Additional and thorough evaluation made sense because the last thing a man should worry about during intercourse is damaging his timepiece. At the least it would distract from the goal at hand.

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There is marked improvement in the speed that hands move compared to older quartz analog Casio watches. This is done when switching functions. Though, it still isn't as fast as changing between functions on a digital G-Shock. Features you'll enjoy using are the 1/20th of a second chronograph (easy to use), world timer (easy to use), alarm (easy to use), countdown timer (easy to use) and calendar (easy to view). With the Tough Movement and Smart Access, this is clearly an evolution of Casio's production of quartz multi-function analog watches. While these analog G-Shocks look fantastic, they simply aren't as user friendly or as fast as their digital cousins.

The trend towards watches that pay tribute to brand's legacy models is one that the watch world has seen many times and to varying degrees of success. The Hamilton Intra-matic is an interesting example of this trend in that the aesthetic of the watch is purely vintage 60's, but the aesthetic is not used exclusively for irony and nostalgia. While I would agree that the Intra-matic is a very nostalgic timepiece, it is also one with practical and modern elements that translate well to today's wrists.

One of the original chronographs to hit mainstream from Heuer at the time was the Carrera, named and conceived by Jack himself.  The name was inspired by a grueling race across Central and North America: the Carrera Panamericana Mexico race.  Since that time, the Carrera has remained one of the most popular chronographs in the Heuer catalog. Various iterations have since existed with different movements and features, however, it has always remained true to its origin with excellent proportions, legible dials, and precise movements.  A watch line that simply evokes what it is designed for: being in a fast moving automobile. Last year I reviewed my Grand Carrera Calibre 36 RS Caliper here on

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"Racing" model reference CAR2B80.FC365 new for BaselWorld 2013

Frequency: 21,600 v.p.h

The rubber strap is simple and satisfying. High-grade rubber that fits the case well connecting to the lug end-pieces for a gapless connection with the case. The titanium buckle is shaped to look like the top of the Tudor shield logo. One downfall of this is that it is a bit sharp to the touch with those pointed edges. Tudor also supplies an extra rubber strap extension for making it longer to use with diving suits. Just a lot of well thought-out features that in many instances feels more German than it does Swiss.

In fact, it would be better if you heard it directly from Thierry himself in the video, as he speaks in a manner that conveys this feeling that I cannot do any justice to in this article.

The second model (reference CAR2B11.BA0799) also sports the flyback addition to the Calibre 36 but this time in stainless steel with a silver finish and completely reminding us of these old Heuer stopwatches. The white dial includes the same anthracite sun-ray pattern but this time for only the inner part of the dial that includes the sub-dials.  Also this time, instead of the race inspired perforated leather strap, this one includes the option for a steel bracelet with a TAG Heuer deployment clasp.


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For over a decade the most interesting allure to the brand has been their Opus collection of fantastic partnership creations started by Max Busser (of MB&F) when he ran the watch division at Harry Winston. While it is incredible for PR, the Opus division is expensive, highly complicated, and a huge headache to keep going (this includes finding partner watch makers, designing cool products, making prototypes in time for the show, and eventually producing the limited edition models which can take... years). Having said that, it would be sore to see the Opus traditional stop by most all accords if the brand was sold to a buyer who didn't want to put in the time. Will a buyer want to keep it going? Will they do it just as well as it is done today? We just don't know. Nevertheless that is the future and according to Harry Winston they are not yet in talks with any prospective buyer - they merely made it known that they are looking to sell.

Blancpain decided to build a better mousetrap – and thusly they have changed the way complicated watches can be adjusted. Blancpain rolled this out without much fanfare way back in 2005, and I personally think that we should give credit where credit is due and collectively give them a round of applause, even if it’s a little belated.  They've simplified and modernized the way adjustments are made, and they've given their beautiful complications that extra 1%.  I’m sold.

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The Monoposto is powered by a Miyota 821A Japanese automatic movement which offers a three-hand display with date and a power reserve of 42 hours. The 821A is a new revision of the 8215 auto we have used seen in many watches in the past. Like the 8215, the 821A does allow for hand winding but does not offer hacking (a stopping of the seconds hand when the crown is pulled out for time setting). With a quoted timekeeping of -20~+40 seconds a day, the 821A is certainly an entry level movement, but it should prove to be as dependable and cheap to service as its predecessor. Additionally, the Monoposto is fitted with a display case back which allows a view of the movement within.

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The Cartier Santos is a surprisingly enduring design that is actually quite closely linked with the birth of manned flight. Alberto Santos-Dumont was the first man to achieve sustained flight in a fixed wing aircraft circa 1906. Dumont was close friends with a French jeweler named Louis Cartier and had shared with him the difficulty he experienced when trying to check his pocket watch while flying. Cartier set about to design a wrist-mounted watch that would allow Dumont to view the time without removing a hand from the flight controls. In helping Dumont with a practical problem, Cartier created the first pilot's watch and likely kick-started the trend of men wearing watches on their wrists, which was generally only done by women at the time. The original Santos design lives on today as the Santos 100 in which the distinctive square-style case and roman numeral dial have been updated to a modern 51 x 41.3 mm size. The Santos has endured because of both its origins and its functional sporting design which looks great despite being over 100 years old. Starting from about ,700.

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