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Urwerk UR-CC1 King Cobra Linear Time Watch Watch Releases

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Chef Anthony Bourdain And His Ernst Benz ChronoFlite World Timer Watch Watch Releases

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Herman Miller Ergonomic Chairs Prove Top Choice For Discerning Watch Makers Inside the Manufacture

Prometheus Ocean Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Avenir Chrono Boss Premiere Watches Watch Releases

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The different is the use of two discs that have white and black (or other color) gradients on them. The point as which they connect is when the hand pointer is located. Has the time passed you get to enjoy a different look of the face - which is one of the major themes that Zoega watch going for. Although the watch does in fact look quite different, it really tells them time in the way you are used to.

The case is long and rectangular. I was actually quite pleased with the dimensions of the watch once I got it on my wrist. It is just the right size as I prefer it. Goes from one end of the wrist to the other, without being too long. The width is good as well. I find that many rectangular shaped watches are too narrow, but here the 38mm width feels right. It is also relatively thin at just 8mm thick. Then you have the nicely tapered ends that help ease the size transfer of the case to the slightly more narrow strap. The case itself is also completely curved to fit on your wrist well. There is a bit of a protrusion on the rear of the case for the battery compartment, which honestly does not interfere in the comfort of the watch at all. Which also brings me to point that the battery compartment is easy to access and can be taken off using a coin. No real tools required. This is good as many battery operated watches are pain to get in to, and do you really want to visit a specialist just to change a watch battery?

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Vulcain Anniversary Heart Cricket Watch For President Barack Obama: Thoughts

Vulcain Anniversary Heart Cricket Watch For President Barack Obama: Thoughts

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Absolutely not.

Pi Watch By Ben McCarthy Review Wrist Time Reviews

Richard Mille Automatic Extra Flat RM 016 Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

Trigalight tritium gas tubes are used on various places on the dial. Including for each hour marker and on the hands themselves. All the gas tubes are in the white color while the 12 o'clock indicator is in orange. Most of you are familiar with tritium gas tubes, but for those of you who are not, they are small tubes filled with lightly radioactive gas (no worries, that won't harm you one little bit) that glow by themselves nicely for about 25 years. This means that you never need to charge them in light, and they glow clearly in the dark. Tritium gas tubes are probably the best type of luminant out there and I highly recommend watches that use them for those who enjoy or need low light and no light watch dial reading. The most popular so far in the collection has been the Aviator Bucker Bestmann. This watch has a retro cream dial and an automatic three-hand ETA 2824-2 movement. The watch dial is no nonsense function, just like the place it was modeled after. I like the large file textured crown and the large size as some of the existing Traser watches have been small by today's tastes. You get a really classic aviator look with a hardy Swiss movement (visible through an exhibition caseback). On both bracelets is looks nice. I have included only a picture of the Aviator Bestmann on the bracelet, but it is the same bracelet for all the watches. Oh, and the automatic Aviator Bestmann model comes in a limited edition of just 200 watches. They may be sold out already! Price is about 0.

The rose gold tones of the dial and steel case are nice. The caseback is in polished steel. I would have liked for Orient to tone the caseback in the same color, but this is actually rarely done. The crown of the watch is very thin, but wide enough to use easily. I got back and forth between whether or not I like the thin crown as it helps keep the profile of the watch svelte, or whether I would like a more substantial crown. The look of the thin crown is growing on me, and is actually very retro is fashion. The watch case itself is 37mm wide - a great size for a women's watch making it anything but petite, though not at all "massive." It looks really nice on the feminine wrist.

The top of the case features the seconds indicator and is actually shown in two ways - both on a vertical gauge using a spiral disc and almost digitally adjacent to the same indicator using the same disc. I don't know why Urwerk decided to show the seconds twice. They both look cool, and as far as novelties go, I think it is interesting to say the least. The disc with the seconds actually has each other second written out on it. This is done in a special form of light nickel and is made using a Mimotec photolithography production method that is supposed to be more precise than even wire erosion.

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BR-01 Passes the Phantom Torch to the BR-03 92 Watch

BR-01 Passes the Phantom Torch to the BR-03 92 Watch

Avakian Watch Concept 1 Watch Releases

Holiday Watch Gift Guide ABTW Editors' Lists

See Orient Japan watches on Amazon here. Orient Ladies' Automatic CDB01005W Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Orient Ladies' Automatic CDB01005W Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews
Time Remaining: 2d 9h 18m

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Kazimon Eintausend 1000m Diver Watch

Kazimon Eintausend 1000m Diver Watch

Overall I like Bathys a lot. There are lots of little touches and character in the watch that make it more interesting that you average Tag Heuer diver watch for example. The Bathys Benthic Ti watches retail for 5 with the automatic models (with steel cases going for more). If you want to learn more or get one, you can do so directly at Bathys Hawaii's website here.

Bathys Benthic Ti Watch Collection Watch Releases
Bathys Hawaii Benthic Rose Gold Bezel and Silver PVD Case
Time Remaining: 28d 20m
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There is another trendy area that Linde Werdelin is nodding at with the SpidoLite - gray watches. The SpidoLite is a decidedly gray watch as you can see in the dial and the case. The dial is interesting. You have the skeletonized hands (that still have SuperLumiNova on them), and the various pieces of the dial. Still, part of the dial design gives you markers for the hours and minutes, so you can still read the time. The SpidoLite isn't quite as legible as other Linde Werdelin pieces, but you'll spend more time admiring the watch itself than relying on it for the time. The case and watch are not flashy, so don't expect that. Rather, they are visually interesting and unlike anything you have seen before, I promise. As is the case with all Linde Werdelin watches, the BiFormeter case and strap style make for a very comfortable wearing experience. I really can't stress that enough. On the SpidoLite, Linde Werdelin places a fabric style strap with a titanium push-button operated folding deployment. To match the skeletonziation of the case, the strap has three rectangular pieces cut out on each side. I've handled a few Linde Werdelin watches, each with a different strap material, and they feel comfortable each time. What I like is that you can wear them tight or a bit loose, and they are still highly compatible with comfort. Despite the avant garde nature of the design, the SpidoLite is still a hard watch with double sapphire crystals and 300 meters of water resistance. I don't think that Linde Werdelin would ever release a watch no matter how interesting it might look, that didn't satisfy the basic "adventure watch" requirements.

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