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On the comfort side, the Hydroscaph case has slightly articulating lug structures. They move a bit with the strap and act to mold to your wrist. Despite a tall profile and relatively large stature, I have to say that the Clerc Hydroscaph is a damn comfortable, albeit large watch. Anyone who is finicky with how their watches wear, should certainly check one of these out.


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Large kilns under hot flames are used to melt and mix the metals which are then turned into cases and bracelets. Because Rolex controls the production and machining of their gold, they are able to strictly ensure not only quality, but the best looking parts. To our knowledge Rolex is the only watch manufacture that makes their own gold or even has a real foundry in-house.

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A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Up / Down Watch Review

A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Up / Down Watch Review

Egard is a brand I'm very familiar with, as I've reviewed a good number of their watches over the last year or two, and have had the opportunity to see their designs improve and mature.  William Shatner is also someone I'm very familiar with, as my earliest SciFi memories are from watching reruns of Star Trek with my dad.  For the past year, Shatner has worked with Egard's founder, Ilan Srulovicz to create a timepiece that's out of this world - the Passages.

Likewise, Bremont will leverage their partnership with Boeing to produce eventual titanium versions of the Model 247 that will use Ti-64, an aerospace grade titanium developed by Boeing (more details on this metal closer to launch). As a sport watch brand, Bremont is wise to expand into titanium models but has to be careful as a part of their branding is wrapped up in the real-world success of their hardened steel cases. As conventional titanium is an alloy that is easily scratched, we are excited to see what sort of scratch resistance will be offered by the Ti-64 titanium from Boeing.

This also implies that Android Wear devices will link to local WiFi access or connected smartphones. Google has developed a lot of tools that help make a "connected life" more convenient, but for now it is the destiny of a smartwatch to remain a (perhaps vital, yet complementary) accessory to a smartphone.

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My First Grail Watch: Eric Loth

My First Grail Watch: Eric Loth

Even though this is already a thick movement, I think it would have been wonderful for Christophe Claret to design the Maestoso as an automatic. That would have really added another level of functionality. Christophe Claret himself strikes me as the kind of person who really enjoys manually winding a watch, but I can't help but feel that the Maestoso would have made for a cool automatic - especially since there wouldn't have been much for the rotor to "hide" on the back of the case.

While the URWERK UR-210Y Black Hawk does not break new ground, it continues a very successful and quite attractive Urwerk watch design now two years later. That watch still remains both interesting and enjoyable on the wrist. This is certainly one of those watches I'd like to see Urwerk put a bracelet on in the future (like they did with the Urwerk 202S). With its cool new colors, the Urwerk UR-210Y Black Hawk will be limited to just 75 pieces and will continue to remind you to get around and shake that wrist some more. Price is 5,000 USD.

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- 41 mm steel case with polished and satin finish
- Unidirectional rotatable steel bezel, matt blue disc
- Self-winding mechanical movement, TUDOR calibre 2824
- Power reserve of approximately 38 hours
- Screw-down winding crown in steel engraved with the TUDOR rose, with blue anodized aluminium crown tube
- Domed sapphire crystal
- Waterproof to 200 m (660 ft)
- Steel bracelet or aged leather strap with folding clasp and safety catch
Additional fabric strap with buckle supplied with watch

Artya Makes Another Airport-Unfriendly Item: Watch Buckle With Hidden Knife

Artya Makes Another Airport-Unfriendly Item: Watch Buckle With Hidden Knife

Do a bit of reading on Thorsten Veblen and "conspicuous consumption" and it’ll make more sense.

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Luminox Steel Colormark 3150 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

One aspect where I would expect to see some further advancements–or rather, more creativity–concerns the decoration of these movements. Since these haute horologerie pieces are hand decorated and assembled by the brand's master watchmakers, I am sure there would be a way to implement newer designs. What I mean by this is that while the tourbillon fits surprisingly well into this otherwise futuristic environment, I find that the Côtes de Genève decoration on the plates shows some lack of imagination, meaning that I feel some new, more modern patterns could be created that would look as elegant and refined as the "Genevan stripes", and yet would not remind us of nearly all traditional pieces out there, showcasing this decoration in one way or another.

So why have they fallen out of favor as of late? That's likely due to a few different reasons. For starters, they are notoriously difficult to adjust. You have to unbend tabs in the right places (without breaking them), and then reassemble it just so. Not something most people would be comfortable doing. Next, while they are comfortable, many people complain of the expansion links catching, snagging, and pulling arm hairs - which isn't the most pleasant feeling, as you may imagine.

No doubt many of you will note the visual similarity of the Gravity to the exposed balance wheel and colors on the  Audemars Piguet Chronometer Jules Audemars watch (AP Escapement). Of course these watches are totally different, but the similarity (at least in the model with the blue and red tones) is probably at least somewhat intended.

The smart functions are some of the ones you'd rightfully expect from a smartwatch. Using Bluetooth Low Energy, you get email, phone, and application push notifications, a pedometer and a measure of how many calories you've burned over how long a time period. In the time department, it has a chronograph, stop watch, and GPS-enabled world time function. Somewhat unusually, it also acts as a remote control for your phone's camera, music, and has the ability to send pre-set text messages while you're driving.

Xavier Nolot (XN): I’m the CEO for Audemars Piguet for the Americas. I joined the industry and Audemars Piguet 11 years ago, after a career in the energy industry. My relationship with watchmaking comes from this dual background: first as an engineer passionate about technology and “how things work,” and second as a observer of a craft that has as much to do with art as with science.

Cosmetically, Casio Pro Trek watches can now feature smaller sensors and have large, easy to press buttons to activate the ABC function located on the right side of the case. Pro Trek models also feature Tough Solar Power generation which eliminates the need to change a battery as the watches are powered by light. Debuting late 2013, the Version 3 engine is available in the Pro Trek PRG270 (PRG-270) collection as well as the Pro Trek PRW3000 collection. With a new and improved sensor technology, Casio has shown a real dedication to the importance and popularity of what can easily be described as the world's most useful outdoors watch. Pictured is the Casio Pro Trek PRG-270-1, which is available now and retails for 0.

Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aeronef Type 20 GMT 1903 Watch Celebrates The Wright Brothers

Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aeronef Type 20 GMT 1903 Watch Celebrates The Wright Brothers

Ulysse Nardin's Imperial Blue Watch With Flying Tourbillon And 4-Gong Sonnerie In Sapphire Hands-On Hands-On

Bremont should have been more clear about the circumstances behind the BWC/01 movement. As judgmental as watch lovers are, the only thing they will exclusively not put up with is being lied to or feeling like they were being lied to. Bremont should have been much more straight-forward and confident about their relationship with La Joux-Perret. What is the lesson here? That any and all communicative ambiguities by a company may be taken and expanded to do maximum damage by people with malice or strong emotions who feel as though they have been wronged. The watch industry in 2014, especially with the speed of Internet communication, should be mindful that the withholding of pertinent facts will be deemed to be tantamount to a lie.

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